International Air Courier Shipping Rates Guide

International Shipping from China to the World

CNXtrans offers international shipping from China via air courier, air freight/cargo, e-packet, sea freight and railway freight (train). This page provides a general guide to our rates for air courier only. For other types of shipping, please enquire on a case-by-case basis by emailing and providing us with all the specs and details of your shipment.  Note that sea and train shipping would only be cost-effective for very large/heavy shipments and also note that train shipping is currently only available for shipments from China to European countries.

Factors that can affect the Air Courier Shipping Costs

Air Courier shipping costs will depend on the country being shipped to, the chargeable weight of the shipment (the chargeable weight is determined by taking the higher of the physical and volumetric or dimensional weight), and the type of goods being shipped. For instance, while CNXtrans is able to ship 'sensitive' goods like batteries, motors, toner cartridges replica goods, liquid cosmetics, facial-masks, liquids, food, powders, vitamins to most countries, doing so would cost more than shipping normal goods, since we would have to use special air courier routes that can accept these types of items. Hence when enquring about the air courier shipping costs, keep in mind that you will need to provide details regarding 1. the country being shipped to 2. the chargeable weight of the shipment 3. the type of goods being shipped. Without providing these details, CNXtrans will not be able to let you know the international shipping costs. 

All Air Courier Shipments via CNXshipping are done on a door-to-door basis

All goods will need to be sent to our warehouse in China first and from there we will ship internationally to you. All air courier shipments will be delivered directly to your doorstep or the doorstep of the recipient you would like us to ship to. 

Air Courier Shipping Rates are inclusive of Fuel Surcharge

Note that all air courier shipping rates are inclusive of fuel surcharge. Fuel Surcharge refers a fee amounting to about 10% to 13% (varies on a monthly basis) of the shipping costs which DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SF Express and others charge for every shipment in order to cover their airline fuel charges.  Unlike with many other shippers, you do not have to worry about these hidden costs when shipping with CNXshipping because our rates already include them. 

Air Courier Shipping Rates (for shipments under 30kg)

Note that these air courier shipping rates (for shipping to door) are for normal goods, are inclusive of fuel surcharge and are meant as a guideline only. For a more specific query, please enquire directly with CNXtrans. 

For larger shipments (>30kg), we can ship via bulk air freight, sea freight or train freight as it will be more cost effective. For bulk shipments to Europe and North America, we do have air, sea and train shipping routes that come inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery all the way to your doorstep. Please enquire on a case by case basis by emailing us at and providing us with all the specifics and details of your shipment.


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