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CNXtrans is your gateway to importing to China. Use CNXtrans to ship to China in bulk from any country around the world via air, sea or rail. In addition to international shipping to China, we also offer customs brokering/clearance services for importing all types of goods into China, importing to Mainland China via Hong Kong and can also handle the last mile delivery to your doorstep (or your customer's doorstep) in China. CNXtrans is a comprehensive all-in-one logistical solution for importing into China offering global warehousing, storage, repackaging, labelling, shipping (door-to-door) and customs clearance in China from more than 200 countries worldwide. 

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Service Options
  • International Shipping to China by air sea, or rail

  • Import Customs Broking in China

  • Importing to China via Hong Kong

  • Domestic Delivery to Door in China

  • Warehousing in China & around the world

You can either send it to our partner warehouse in your country (and from there we'll handle the international shipping) or we can pick up the goods from you. Picking up would cost more, but if that's your preference, then please include the full address and postal code to pick up from.

If there will be many packages involved, please provide the dimensions (Length*Width*Height) of each centimers (CM). 

Please ensure you enter your correct & valid email address as we will be replying to you via email.

If you need us to handle the international shipping and not just customs clearance in China, please provide the full address to ship to in China, preferably in Chinese (ask the intended recipient for it).