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Shipping to Port of Edmonton



Looking to ship from China to the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta in Canada? China-based freight forwarder CNXtrans can help you consolidate and ship your goods from China to the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta by sea freight. Air freight is also available to an airport in or close to Edmonton. Alternatively, instead of just shipping to the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta, CNXtrans also offers full door to door shipping all the way to your address in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada.

About Shipping to Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta

How best to ship by sea freight from China to the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta?

One way which CNXtrans can help you ship by sea freight from China to the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta is on a FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Container Load) basis. If we ship this way, you will need to hire your own customs broker in Edmonton to help you with customs clearance. FCL and LCL shipping do not come inclusive of any customs duties in Canada and destination port charges. Both customs duties and destination port charges will be payable once the shipment has arrived in Edmonton. You can either pick up the goods at the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta or arrange to have your agent to collect the goods from the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta and deliver all the way to your address.

Alternatively, CNXtrans can also ship by sea freight to your address in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada on a door to door basis. With door to door sea freight shipments from China to Edmonton or anywhere in Canada, CNXtrans will be able to include customs clearance service, customs duties, destination port charges and delivery all the way to your address in Canada. This will save your the hassle of having to hire your own customs broker in Canada or worrying about having to pay customs duties and destination port charges in Canada without knowing how much they will cost. With door to door sea freight shipping from China to Canada via CNXtrans, all the these costs are included upfront in the shipping fee that you pay to CNXtrans, giving you a peace of mind and all you have to do is wait for the shipment to be delivered to your door.

One more alternative that CNXtrans offers for customers looking to ship from China to Edmonton is to simply ship from China to a partner warehouse located in Edmonton close to the Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta. This type of shipments will also be done on a door-to door basis meaning that the shipment will also include customs clearance, customs duties, destination port fees and delivery to the partner warehouse in Edmonton. You will not need to hire your own customs broker or pay any customs duties in Canada. Once the shipment has arrived at the port warehouse in Edmonton, you will then need to make arrangements to have the goods collected from there.

Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta

Edmonton Port/Port Alberta (Port code: CAEDM) is located in Edmonton which is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta is a major air transportation gateway to northern Alberta and northern Canada. The Edmonton International Airport is the main airport serving the city. The airport provides passenger service to destinations in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta also serves as a major transportation hub for Canadian National Railway, whose North American operations management centre is located at their Edmonton offices. The city has light rail transit (LRT), many festivals in a year, West Edmonton shopping center, the largest indoor shopping center in North America (1981-2004), and Edmonton Fort Park, the largest historical park in Canada.

Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta is a joint venture between Edmonton Global and Edmonton International Airport (EIA) based in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region in Alberta, Canada. Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta provides transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions to connect Alberta's economy to worldwide markets. Its office is located in Edmonton.

The Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) enables companies involved in handling or moving goods to reduce and eliminate normal trade barriers, such as tariffs, quotas and compliance costs. Within the FTZ, located at the EIA, a company imports raw materials or partially finished goods, completes manufacturing and exports the products throughout Canada, North America or internationally. In 2015, Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta was restarted through the EEDC and the Edmonton International Airport Authority as a joint venture.

When EEDC was shut down in 2020, responsibility for managing Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta was shifted to Edmonton Global, the region's FDI and international trade company. A re-imagined and reinvigorated Port of Edmonton/Port Alberta was launched on March 24, 2022.

The entire Edmonton region is a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), with access to import-export programs and cash flow tools to help accelerate business growth.

• Key advantages
• No heavy paper burden
• No geographic restrictions
• Improved cash flow
• Reduced operating expenses
• Increased international competitiveness
• Access global markets and more than 1.5 billion consumers through Canada’s trade agreements
• No import duties for advanced machinery and equipment imports
• “Made in Canada” products

楽しみ無料CNXtrans Warehouse での倉庫サービス

Free Warehousing Services at the CNXtrans Warehouse


CNXtrans は、倉庫での商品の保管について料金を請求しません。したがって、必要なさまざまなサプライヤーからのすべての注文を時間をかけて行うことができます-すべての商品が到着し、国際発送の準備が整うまで、すべての商品(すでに到着したもの)を倉庫に保管します.


CNXtrans does は、倉庫での荷物のラベル付けについて料金を請求しません。 Amazon FBA 倉庫に出荷する目的でパッケージに Amazon FBA ステッカーでラベルを付ける必要がある場合でも、会社のロゴにあなたの会社を貼り付ける必要がある場合でも、ステッカーをメールで送信してください (無料で貼り付けます. 


CNXtrans does は、倉庫での商品の再梱包に対して料金を請求しません。すべてのパッケージが到着したら、国際配送のためにそれらにアクセスし、容積重量を最小限に抑えて国際配送コストを最小限に抑えるための最も効率的な方法で梱包する方法を決定します.これには、特定のアイテムに小さなパッケージを使用することや、異なるパッケージのすべてのアイテムを 1 つの大きなパッケージにまとめることが含まれる場合があります。体積重量を最小限に抑えるために必要なことは何でもします. 


CNXtrans は、パッケージを 1 つの出荷にまとめることに対して料金を請求しません。これは、複数のサプライヤー/工場/Alibaba メーカーから購入している場合に理想的です しかし、送料を最小限に抑えるために、すべての商品を 1 つの国際配送としてまとめて発送したい場合.混載は再梱包と混同されることがありますが、実際には再梱包の有無にかかわらず混載が発生する可能性があります。混載とは、複数のパッケージを 1 つの出荷として同時に出荷する行為を指します。すべてを 1 つの大きなパッケージにまとめる必要はありません。まとめて (同時に) 出荷される限り、1 つの混載出荷と見なされます。出荷ごとに基本配送料 (最低配送料と見なすことができます) があり、複数のパッケージを同時に配送する (これは混載配送を構成します) ことで、支払う代わりにこの基本料金を一度だけ支払う必要があることが保証されます。個別に出荷されるすべてのパッケージに適用されます。


1 つのパッケージに再梱包しなくても、複数のパッケージを同時に出荷すると、基本出荷重量が 1 回だけ請求されるため、節約に役立ちます。当然のことながら、お客様の貨物に適切であると判断された場合は、再梱包を伴う混載も可能です。お客様の貨物を査定した後、すべての商品を 1 つの大きな梱包にまとめるか、またはより少ない梱包にまとめることが容積重量の削減に役立つと判断した場合は、お客様に代わって再梱包を行います。無料. 

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