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Shipping Furniture Internationally from China

Shipping Furniture Internationally from China


About Buying Furniture from China

The furniture produced in China can be quite unique. You can even find furniture items that don’t use any nails or glue. The traditional Chinese furniture makers believe that nails and glue reduce the life of furniture because nails rust and glue can get loose. They design furniture in such a way that allows all parts to connect with each other to eliminate the use of screws, glue, and nails. This type of furniture can survive for centuries if made out of high-quality wood. You must try it to truly test the exceptional engineering mentality of Chinese furniture makers. You will be amazed to see how they connect different parts without leaving any sign of connection. It seems that only one piece of wood is used to build the entire piece. This is great for all parties in the furniture industry – manufacturers, designers, and sellers.

China is a big country and has its local furniture industry based in different locations. The Pearl River Delta boasts the highest production of furniture. It has a thriving furniture market because there is a great availability of natural resources. Other areas which are known for their wonderful skills in producing high-quality furniture are Shanghai, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Since Shanghai is the largest metropolitan city in China, it has a huge furniture market, probably the largest in the Yangtze river delta. The central and western regions of China lack the proper infrastructure in terms of resources and facilities to have a thriving furniture industry. This industry is still in its early days over there and will take time to develop.

The capital city of China, Beijing, has an amazing flow of resources available for the production of furniture. All the tools and facilities required for furniture production are also present there, thus more and more furniture manufacturers are interested in having their corporate offices opened in Beijing.

Why China Produces Much Better Quality Furniture when Compared to Other Countries

China produces excellent quality furniture. According to a survey, more than 50,000 companies manufacture furniture in China. Surprisingly, most of them are small to medium-sized enterprises with no brand name attached to them. In recent years, some companies have definitely emerged in the furniture producing sector having their own brand identities. These companies have increased the level of competition in the industry.

A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Trade Developmental Council (HKTDC) revealed that the small to medium furniture enterprises in China can make a lot of money if even a small percentage of the total Chinese population decides to get rid of its old-fashioned furniture and buy into a more modern aesthetic. This ability to adapt and grow within the industry is why manufacturing furniture in China is the optimal choice to keep with consumer needs and demand.

China is a factory for the world; China Furniture Wholesale Markets, you can find everything at a low cost than in other parts of the world. There are numerous reasons for this, making China a global hub for producing all types of furniture products.
China’s furniture industry is one of the leading sectors of China, and it contributes greatly to the economy. If you are buying furniture for your business or home, it can be costly and it therefore makes sense to buy furniture in bulk from China.

What’s rarely known is China has an entire town dedicated to furniture manufacturing and sales. The same as the Capital of LED – Guzhen specializes in wholesale LED lights, China seems to have an entire town/city dedicated completely to a specific industry. Shunde, located in Foshan city in Guangdong province, is hailed as the Capital of Furniture as the district is home to innumerable amount of furniture factories and wholesale markets.

Lecong, the mega center of furniture manufacturing and distribution in Shunde, proudly houses a massive furniture wholesale market covering over 3 million square meters. Some prominent furniture wholesale markets in Lecong are Louvre Furniture Mall, Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center, Shunde Empire Group, Sunlink Group, Tuanyi International Furniture City, etc. The sheer size is overwhelming, and it has attracted over 3,450 furniture dealers and over 1,500 furniture manufacturers.

At Lecong furniture wholesale center, you can find a vast array of household products ranging from bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, café chairs, bar stools to sanitary ware, furniture accessories, material, etc. The furniture wholesale markets are in full swing all the year around except Chinese New Year holiday.

What kind of furniture can you import from China?

You can import any kind of furniture from China. It’s imperative to understand that manufacturers don’t produce all spectrum of furniture under one roof. Usually each furniture manufacturer specializes in one area. Some common furniture imported are as followed.

Office furniture
Hotel furniture
Bedroom furniture
Living room furniture
Bathroom furniture
Dining room furniture
Outdoor furniture
Children’s furniture
Wooden furniture
Metal furniture
Plastic furniture
Wicker furniture

The highest concentration of furniture wholesale markets in China is in and around Guangzhou located in Fangcun, Guangzhou Da Dao South, Huangpu Da Dao, and Dashi in Panyu.

They include the following:

Fangcun Huadi Furniture Centre
Panyu Dashi Furniture City 广州番禺大石家私城
Zhujiang New City Furniture Mall 维家思广场
Hong Shu Wan Jia 红树湾家具博览中心
Weijia Best International Furniture Exhibition Centre 广州维家思广场
Mangrove Bay Furniture Expo Centre 红树湾家具博览中心
Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Centre (LFC) 广东省顺德市乐从镇广湛公路段团亿国际
The Louvre EurAmerican Furniture Plaza 罗浮宫家具博览中心
Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall

Redstar Macalline Brand Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Centre 红星美凯龙品牌家具博览中心
Kitchen Cabinet City 顺联 橱柜灯饰城

Tuan Yi International Furniture City (广东省顺德市乐从镇广湛公路段团亿


Shipping Furniture Internationally from China

Shipping Furniture Internationally from China

When buying furniture from China, manufacturers, factories and suppliers will generally ask you for a shipping agent like CNXtrans to help you with handling the international shipping from China.

They can then have your furniture sent to your shipping agent’s warehouse in China where they will store, consolidate and handle the international shipping for you.

How CNXtrans can help you with shipping furniture internationally from China

When shipping furniture internationally from China, there are 3 shipping modes that CNXtrans can use to ship for you.

Shipping by Air: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your furniture internationally from China by air. Air shipping is generally the fastest mode of shipping. Air courier shipments will be shipped all the way to your address. Depending on which country you are shipping to, air courier shipping generally takes only about 4-6 days. Another alternative is to ship by air freight. Air freight shipments can either shipped to an airport near you or all the way to your address. Air freight shipments can generally take about 8-12 days.

Shipping by Sea: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your furniture internationally from China by sea freight. Sea freight shipment is the most cost effective shipping mode for large shipments. For many countries, sea freight shipments can either by shipped to port or all the way to your address (door to door). When shipping a large volume of furniture internationally from China, sea freight would be the best shipping mode to use in most cases.

Shipping by Train: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your furniture internationally from China by train (rail freight). When shipping to EU countries, rail freight is one of the most cost effective shipping modes for large shipments. For shipping by rail freight to EU countries, CNXtrans can ship all the way to your address in Europe (full door to door shipping). When shipping a large volume of furniture internationally from China, rail freight would be one of the best shipping modes to use.


Shipping Furniture Internationally from China
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