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Shipping LED Lights Internationally from China

Shipping LED Lights Internationally from China


About Buying LED Lights from China

Lightings including LED Lightings are one of the top 10 exports from China each year. Individuals and businesses all over the world prefer to source LED Lights from China for the best value for money, high quality, and advanced technology LED lights at factory prices.

Importing lights from China is not as difficult as 10-20 years ago. These days, importing lights from China can be quite straightforward. If you are deciding on buying lights for your home, hotel, office or for business, you need to seriously take a look at buying lights from manufacturers and factories in China, particularly on

The lighting industry of China has been experiencing rapid growth in the last 20 years. China today is the world’s leading consumer and producer of lighting products including LED Lighting products.

Why is it cheaper to buy LED lights in bulk from China?

• The Chinese have mastered the art of mass production of all types of goods including LED Lights. The production lines in China are more organized than in most parts of the world. More importantly, Chinese manufacturers are able to sell their products cheaper than most of their competitors around the world.

• China has a large population and therefore sufficient human resource for manufacturing resulting in cheaper labor costs. Additionally, China has a productive workforce which results in cheaper prices and better value for money for LED lights and other products in China.

• Mass production in China lowers production costs.

• E-Commerce Technology. China has probably the best e-commerce technology in the world. This easily allows lighting manufacturers to acquire customers easily with minimal marketing costs.

• Superior infrastructure. The high quality infrastructure in China allows manufacturers to efficiently export LED lights more quickly and efficiently.

• Heavy Competition. There are numerous lighting manufacturers in China resulting in heavy competition. This, in turn, makes pricing for LED lighting manufacturers very competitive.

• Super-productivity. Without a doubt, Chinese people work very hard at a very high productivity per unit of labor cost

Varied and Beautiful Lighting Designs

Most homes today prefer stylish, energy-efficient and environment-friendly lighting to simple lighting. Many homeowners now prioritize ambiance over pure functionality and the quality LED lighting that many Chinese manufacturers product manage to combine both style and functionality.

Chinese manufacturers have created beautifully styled lighting fixtures that can easily match the interiors of any home. Chinese lighting fixtures have become more sophisticated with more efforts focusing on the lighting’s artistic effects.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Most Chinese lighting fixture manufacturers have been working with high technology companies to build factories with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. These equipment make the manufacturing process more efficient thereby producing more quality lighting fixtures per man hour. Normally the production time takes 7 to 15 days after paying 30% to 50% deposit. This is quite fast compared with other products such as furniture, cabinets, sanitary wares and so on.

Different Types of Lighting to Buy from China

1. Urban Functional Lighting

China is on the rise in as far as being highly urbanized is concerned. Along with this comes the high demand for projects relevant to urban public lighting. Urban functional lighting is needed by the infrastructure facilities of the transport sector including urban rail, transport systems, airports, ports, and railways. Cities of all sizes have also started to install floodlighting in buildings, city squares, roads and green areas. This, on the other hand, has led to rapid growth in lighting exportation. Even many international government buyers of lighting prefer to import from China.

2. Industrial and Commercial Lighting

Many industrial businesses are starting to imbibe the benefits of lighting in increasing production efficiency.

Commercial establishments, on the other hand, are investing in good lighting in shopping malls to entice more customers.

Hospitals, schools, and offices have also seen an increase in their use of lighting.

3.Domestic Lighting

The real estate sector in China is booming. There is an upsurge in the development of villas and high-end residential communities. Homeowners are today placing a high premium on domestic lighting. There is now more demand for high-priced lighting fixtures such as lawn lamps and yard lamps.


Shipping LED Lights Internationally from China

Shipping LED Lights Internationally from China

When buying LED Lights from China, manufacturers, factories and suppliers will generally ask you for a shipping agent like CNXtrans to help you with handling the international shipping from China.

They can then have your LED Lights sent to your shipping agent’s warehouse in China where they will store, consolidate and handle the international shipping for you.

How CNXtrans can help you with shipping LED Lights internationally from China

When shipping LED Lights internationally from China, there are 3 shipping modes that CNXtrans can use to ship for you.

Shipping by Air: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your LED Lights internationally from China by air. Air shipping is generally the fastest mode of shipping. Air courier shipments will be shipped all the way to your address. Depending on which country you are shipping to, air courier shipping generally takes only about 4-6 days. Another alternative is to ship by air freight. Air freight shipments can either shipped to an airport near you or all the way to your address. Air freight shipments can generally take about 8-12 days.

Shipping by Sea: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your LED Lights internationally from China by sea freight. Sea freight shipment is the most cost effective shipping mode for large shipments. For many countries, sea freight shipments can either by shipped to port or all the way to your address (door to door). When shipping a large volume of LED Lights internationally from China, sea freight would be the best shipping mode to use in most cases.

Shipping by Train: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your LED Lights internationally from China by train (rail freight). When shipping to EU countries, rail freight is one of the most cost effective shipping modes for large shipments. For shipping by rail freight to EU countries, CNXtrans can ship all the way to your address in Europe (full door to door shipping). When shipping a large volume of LED Lights internationally from China, rail freight would be one of the best shipping modes to use.


Shipping LED Lights Internationally from China
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