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Shipping Toys Internationally from China

Shipping Toys Internationally from China


About Buying Toys from China

China is the best supplier of the toy wholesale market. Many toys manufactured in China has a different place of origin. Either you look for online shopping platforms like Alibaba, Taobao, or other Chinese e-Commerce websites.

You may be overwhelmed with the list of toy products from a bunch of suppliers in China. Looking for the right China toys wholesale market could be challenging. You have to identify the quality and real suppliers for your business.

Therefore, you need to be well informed of all the nitty-gritty in manufacturing toys from the legit manufacturers and the process involved from purchasing to shipping.

The toy market is considered a billion industry. China manufacturers are well-known globally for being in the top international toy export market.

From traditional toys like toy cars, building blocks, plushies, etc. to new trends in the market, China has it all for your toy business. They manufacture every kind of toy at a wholesale price. If you are looking to purchase high-quality toys in bulk orders, consider importing from China.

Apart from this, the following reasons also make China a heaven to import products from.

-Lower Wages makes the cost of goods more competitive

-Raw materials are the most accessible

-Mass production capacity available, producing economies of scale

-Increasingly highly skilled labor

Where to Look for Best Toys Suppliers in China?

1. Trade Fairs
Toy trade fairs are one of the must-go-to for toy traders. You can have ideas on Chinese toy products with the latest trends in the market. You can look for the best quality before you buy toys from China at a very affordable price for your budget.
Most toy companies offer discounts, promos, and exciting offers to toy buyers. Two of the most popular trade fairs are China Toy Expo in Shanghai (October, once a year) and Canton Fair in Guangzhou (October and April, twice a year).

Many trade fairs are organized every year. You may check the trade fairs to buy toys from China on Trade Fair Dates page to see the exhibit calendar starting in May 2021.

2. Online B2B Marketplace
The digital transformation brings in China in 1999 for B2B connections. If you are familiar with Amazon and eBay, there are Chinese platforms for the B2B marketplace. Now, it is possible to buy toys from China at a competitive price online.

You can choose from a wide range of international payment options. They also offer logistics and services and trade insurances. This gives security to global customers who want their money back if there are issues with any items they bought online.

The top China B2B Marketplace are the following:

3. Sourcing Companies
China is a manufacturing hub when it comes to importing products worldwide. It holds a major advantage over smaller manufacturing counterparts. If you do toy product research about toy wholesale markets, you can find various popular markets to check and buy toys from China and from thousands of suppliers.

If you want to ease your burden, sourcing agents are available at your service. From sourcing your desired toy items to shipping, these agents are responsible for overseas sales and offer you the most reasonable price for your import toy items.

These are 10+ China Toys Wholesale Markets in China, we recommend two of them in particular:
A. Shantou/Chenghai Toys Wholesale Market

B. Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market

How to go to the Shantou toy market?
#1 Take the flight to Jieyang ( SWA) airport

#2 Then take a taxi to Chenghai area of Shantou city.

#3 The distance from Jieyang airport to Chenghai, it is around 40km.

It takes 50mins by TAXI. TAXI fee it is around 200RMB (32USD)

All toys market (exhibition halls is inside Chenghai area, very closed and easy to visit.)

How to get quota in the Shantou toy market?
After register and enter the market, you start to browse all toy samples.

In this market, these are NO sale man inside to introduce their product.

For product detail you have to read it by yourself in the display/ package instruction, every product have barcode sticker on the package backside, the service staff will scan it and show you the price if you ask. If you decide to order, ask them to record it in the scanner and finally you can get the list with price , packing detail, and product picture by email.

How to go to the Yiwu toy market?
#1 Take the flight to Yiwu (YIW)airport

#2 Then take a TAXI to Yiwu market building 1 (国际商贸城一区)

#3 The distance from Yiwu airport to Yiwu toy market, it is around 12km.

It takes 25mins by TAXI. TAXI fee is around 50RMB ( 8 USD)

When arrive Yiwu market building 1, just enter the big gate, the first floor is all toys market.

How to get quota in the Yiwu toy market?
No need to register, just enter.

Every shop have one sale man sitting inside, when you are interested in some items, you can talk with them, they may introduce their item for you. For the product info, you need to check with the sale man (Toys manufacturer) about everything like price and package, carton volume. Then record it in your notebook if you want to order later. (Do not forget to ask their name card or record their shop No. )

After deciding which item an what quantity you want, just ask your china buying agent to place order to all supplier you choose. After order, normally it cost 20-25 days for supplier to delivery all goods to agent’s warehouse and wait for container loading.

Pros of Toys Markets
Easily reach countless toys suppliers and various toys.
Make face-to-face business communication.
See and touch the toy samples directly.
Place orders directly with suppliers in their booths.
Have enough time to communicate with suppliers.

Cons of Toys Markets
A large part of suppliers only know basic English. Hard to communicate when it comes to more product details. Most cases, you need a translator.
If you are doing supermarket or shop retail business, which need to contact lots of suppliers because of too many categories, you may need an agent to help deal with all the affairs.
Difficult to distinguish manufacturers or trading companies.


Shipping Toys Internationally from China

Shipping Toys Internationally from China

When buying Toys from China, manufacturers, factories and suppliers will generally ask you for a shipping agent like CNXtrans to help you with handling the international shipping from China.

They can then have your Toys sent to your shipping agent’s warehouse in China where they will store, consolidate and handle the international shipping for you.

How CNXtrans can help you with shipping Toys internationally from China

When shipping Toys internationally from China, there are 3 shipping modes that CNXtrans can use to ship for you.

Shipping by Air: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your Toys internationally from China by air. Air shipping is generally the fastest mode of shipping. Air courier shipments will be shipped all the way to your address. Depending on which country you are shipping to, air courier shipping generally takes only about 4-6 days. Another alternative is to ship by air freight. Air freight shipments can either shipped to an airport near you or all the way to your address. Air freight shipments can generally take about 8-12 days.

Shipping by Sea: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your Toys internationally from China by sea freight. Sea freight shipment is the most cost effective shipping mode for large shipments. For many countries, sea freight shipments can either by shipped to port or all the way to your address (door to door). When shipping a large volume of Toys internationally from China, sea freight would be the best shipping mode to use in most cases.

Shipping by Train: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your Toys internationally from China by train (rail freight). When shipping to EU countries, rail freight is one of the most cost effective shipping modes for large shipments. For shipping by rail freight to EU countries, CNXtrans can ship all the way to your address in Europe (full door to door shipping). When shipping a large volume of Toys internationally from China, rail freight would be one of the best shipping modes to use.


Shipping Toys Internationally from China
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