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Exclusive Kongfz Buying + International Shipping Service for Customers Around the World

- CNXtrans is a specialized service for international customers looking to buy from Kongfz ( or and shipping internationally by air courier around the world

- Gain Access Purchasing to all items on including historical books, artifacts, manuscripts, maps, CDs, DVDs, magazines, historical photos, scrolls and other items of historical significance

- We'll help you buy from one or multiple (as many as you like) Kongfz sellers, have the goods sent to our warehouse in China and then consolidate them into a single international shipment to be delivered internationally by air courier to your doorstep anywhere around the world. 

CNXtrans is a leading Kongfz Agent enabling customers all over the world to buy from and ship internationally to their doorsteps

CNXtrans is a leading China-based Kongfz Buying & Shipping Agent enabling you to buy any item from Kongfz and other Chinese websites, before shipping internationally to your address anywhere around the world.
Chinese history & culture academics from universities around the world use CNXtrans as their Kongfz agent for buying books from and shipping internationally to them. Kongfz contains an extremely wide range of books, manuscripts, scrolls, maps, collectibles and historical artifacts that are of great interest to students of Chinese history and Chinese culture enthusiasts. 

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1. Submit the Kongfz URLs of the items you want us to buy either by clicking here or by emailing them to

2. We'll email you the total amount due and the payment instructions

3. Ship Internationally to your doorstep anywhere around the world

Kongfz is a very popular online mega-bookstore in China which specializes in B-to-C and C-to-C selling of old and sometimes even ancient historical vintage books, ancient texts to photocopied reprints, manuscripts, magazines, newspapers, letters, calligraphy, scrolls, DVDs and other collectors' items that would be of interest to historians, hobbyists, academics intellectuals and simply interested in language, history and culture. Many of these vintage books and other items are only available in single or very low quantities and hence when you see something you wish to buy on, it is important to do so as soon as possible as it can very quickly go out of stock. Kongfz's constantly growing database renders easily searchable the holdings of literally thousands of bookshops in all corners of China. While Dangdang may be better for buying modern books, there is no doubt that is the go-to-place for buying vintage books and items from China. Professors and academics of Chinese culture and history consistently use CNXtrans as their Kongfz Agent buying books, manuscripts and other historical artifacts from and shipping internationally to their doorstep anywhere around the world. 

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Use CNXtrans as your Kongfz Agent for buying & shipping internationally from

As neither accepts international payment methods nor offers international shipping, you will need to use CNXtrans as your Kongfz agent - simply tell us what you want to buy from Kongfz by submitting your Buy+Ship for You Order to CNXtrans. CNXtrans will buy from Kongfz for you, have the goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse in China and then ship internationally to you. Therefore there will be no need for you to register an account on

About CNXtrans

CNXtrans Office

CNXtrans is a China-based all-in-one comprehensive export facilitation service offering purchasing, logistical, shipping and solutions to international customers all over the world looking to export from China. We offer door-to-door and door-to-port international shipping from China to more than 200 countries worldwide via air, rail (for shipments to Europe only) or sea. We also offer a purchasing (Buy-For-Me) service for customers who need help purchasing on websites like Taobao, Tmall, 1688., Alibaba,, Dangdang. and Kongfz before shipping internationally to them. Our warehouses in China are located primarily in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai. You may use our warehouses in China to store, repack and consolidate your packages before shipping internationally to you. Whatever product you wish to export from China, feel free to contact CNXtrans to handle the purchasing and/or international shipping from China for you. 

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