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3 Tips for Safely Buying from Alibaba - Ecommerce Tips

#1. Validate with AliExpress First

Before you go and make your bulk order on Alibaba, you need to make sure your niche and product are validated.

If you decided to create a yoga store, you might try dropshipping some products that you were interested in selling first.

Alibaba is best for experienced entrepreneurs who’ve already validated their products.

If you’re experimenting with Alibaba on your first try, you could be putting your business at risk, unnecessarily.

#2. Look for Reputable Suppliers

If you’re looking to have the lowest risk buying on Alibaba, you’ll want to check off all the boxes under Supplier Types.

Trade Assurance: packages arrive on time and products are checked before shipment.

Gold Suppliers: are pre-qualified, they need to pay a costly fee to attain this status which keeps scammers away.

Assessed Supplier: the supplier was inspected by a third-party and includes a downloadable report.

While checking off these three boxes won’t protect you completely, you’ll be in a better position than if you were to randomly choose suppliers with no assurance.

You’ll also want to go over their ratings and reviews to determine their quality, performance and reliability.

#3. Don’t Buy Brand Name Products… Ever

Nike, Disney, and Nintendo require licenses to sell their products.

Unfortunately, while Alibaba often sells knock-offs of their products, selling licensed products can result in legal action.

There’s no exception to this rule. So don’t sell branded products.

Also, look out for products with exceptional designs. It can be hard to know all of the latest video game or movie characters. However, if a product design seems to be top notch, it may just be a licensed product.

3 Tips for Safely Buying from Alibaba - Ecommerce Tips
3 Tips for Safely Buying from Alibaba - Ecommerce Tips


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