How long does shipping from China to USA normally take and what are my shipping options?

How long shipping from China to USA normally takes will depend primarily on the mode of shipping used. Generally speaking, your shipping options for shipping to ship from China to USA would be air courier, air freight, epacket, sea freight and post.

Normally, the faster the shipping mode, the higher the shipping costs. Therefore how much you pay for shipping will depend primarily on how fast you need the shipping from China to USA to be.

Here are the general shipping times for the various shipping modes for shipping from China to USA:

If you ship by air courier express, shipping can often be as fast as 3–5 days inclusive of delivery to door.

If you ship by air freight + delivery to door, shipping normally takes about 6–8 days.

If you ship by epacket (applicable only for shipments of less than 2 kg), shipping normally takes about 2 weeks to 20 days.

If you ship by sea freight + delivery to door, shipping normally takes about a month. This is the recommended shipping mode for large shipments.

If you ship by China Post, shipping normally takes about 5 weeks to 2 months and does not come with any tracking. This is not recommended except for very cheap goods and whereby the recipient doesn’t mind if there is no tracking.

As you would expect, normally the faster the shipping, the more it will cost so ultimately which shipping mode you choose will depend on how urgent your shipment is and how quickly you need your goods.

Generally for shipping from China to USA, CNXtrans recommends air freight + delivery to door for urgent shipments and sea freight + delivery to door for large shipments where minimizing shipping costs is the priority. Our sea shipping routes to the US generally only take about a month (unlike the case with many other shippers) and best of all, they come inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery all the way to your address in the US.

This means that you will not need to go through the hassle of searching for a customs broker in the US or find a transportation company to help you handle the delivery to door from the port. We have agents in the US to help take care of customs clearance and delivery to door for you. The entire shipment will be handled for you on a door to door basis.

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