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Top 30 American ports show volume up while challenges persist

SCHEDULE reliability remains an issue for carriers, while issues regarding congestion continue as ports continue to look for answers, but the top 30 ocean carriers are riding high on profits, reports Massachusetts' Logistics Management.

Problems caused by backlogs of imports coming into the US, a shortage of equipment and inland logjams.

"US seaports face the unprecedented situation where they're now in their 17th straight month [as of March 2021] of record container import volume," said Descartes Datamyne executive vice president Chris Jones.

"Consequently, continuous and shifting congestion and delays, and unpredictable lead times for importers has resulted."

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the main areas affected by the crisis.

As 2021 ended, 100 vessels waited to berth in Los Angeles for more than two weeks. LA closed 2021, having handled 5,667,381 TEU, a 17 per cent gain over 2020 totals.

In July, LA processed 935,345 TEU, outpacing the previous record set in 2019 at 2.5 per cent.

Meanwhile, imports from China remain high and increased in July over June versus the expected decline.

Third-ranked Port of New York/New Jersey closed 2021 up 19.5 per cent with 4,651,094 TEU.

South Asia imports contributed to that growth, which increased 36.1 per cent in 2021.

"Part of the reason for the shift to east coast ports can be attributed to the growth of Chinese imports getting around west coast port congestion," said Mr Jones.

Top 30 US ports are No 1, Los Angeles with 5,667,380 TEU in 2021; No 2, Long Beach with 4,687,541 TEU in 2021; No 3, New York-New Jersey with 4,651,094 TEU in 2021;

No 4 is Savannah with 2,815,808 TEU in 2021; No 5, Houston with 1,663,157 TEU in 2021; No 6, Norfolk with 1,663,157 TEU in 2021;No 7 is Charleston with 1,302,872 TEU in 2021; No 8, Oakland with 1,062,876 TEU in 2021; No 9, Tacoma with 856,706 TEU in 2021;

No 10 is Seattle with 754,804 TEU in 2021; No 11, Miami with 576,535 TEU in 2021; No 12, Baltimore with 484,420 TEU in 2021;

No 13 is Philadelphia with 484,420 TEU in 2021; No 14, Everglades with 484,420 TEU in 2021; No 15, Mobile with 258,576 TEU in 2021;

No 16 is San Juan, PR with 219,502 TEU in 2021; No 17, Jacksonville with 208,400 TEU in 2021; No 18, Wilmington, Delaware, with 190,740 TEU in 2021;

No 19 is Chester, PA with 132,905 TEU in 2021; No 20 New Orleans with 125,983 TEU in 2021; No 21, Wilmington, NC, with 190,740 TEU in 2021;

No 22 is Hueneme, CA with 114,637 TEU in 2021; No 23, Boston, with 93,003 TEU in 2021; No 24, Gulfport, MS, with 85,490 TEU in 2021;

No 25 isTampa with 82,207 TEU in 2021; No 26, San Diego with 85,490 TEU in 2021; No 27, Port Manatee, FL, with 73,384 TEU in 2021;

No 28 is Portland, OR, with 43,560 TEU in 2021; No 29, Freeport TX, with 31,494. TEU in 2021 and No 30 is West Palm Beach, with 29,972 TEU in 2021.

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Top 30 American ports show volume up while challenges persist
Top 30 American ports show volume up while challenges persist

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