What is the most cost effective way to ship large shipments from China to UK and Europe?

Shipping in bulk from China to the UK and Europe

The most cost effective way to send large bulk shipments from China to Europe and UK is currently by train (railway). Railway shipping from China to Europe (including the UK) is relatively new but is fast catching up as the most cost effective way to ship in bulk from China. Sea shipping is also an option but at the moment train shipping is more economical overall, all things considered. Generally for customers in the UK and Europe looking to ship in bulk from China these days, most experienced freight forwarders will recommend shipping by train.

CNXtrans is a freight forwarder in China which specializes in shipping by train (plus air and sea as well when the need arises) from China to all major countries in Europe along with the UK.

The best feature about the CNXtrans railway freight (shipping by train) option is that it is offered on a DDP basis meaning it comes inclusive of customs clearance and customs duties in your destination country, along with delivery all the way to your doorstep. All costs are taken care of for you and the entire shipment is handled for you on a door to door basis.

Therefore with train shipping through CNXtrans, you do not need to worry about having to look for your own customs broker to help you clear customs or worry about having to pay high customs duties upon arrival of your goods in your country. You also do not need to worry about having to pay port fees, unloading fees or looking for a courier to handle domestic shipping from port to your door.

Having fully landed costs is a big plus when it comes to large bulk shipments because in many cases when you just ship to port, the port agent and customs tend to charge exorbitant fees and are not transparent about how they charge. Sometimes, their charges may even come up to being even more than the shipping itself!

It therefore makes more sense to use a freight forwarder like CNXtrans which has both train and sea shipping routes to Europe that are offered on a full door to door basis inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery all the way to your address. This way, you can ship with a peace of mind and will not be at the mercy of port authorities or destination port agents and their exorbitant charges when your shipment arrives in Europe.

CNXtrans offers a railway freight option that takes away the guessing game for you and offers you a fully landed cost for shipping (inclusive of all the way from customs clearance and customs duties in your destination country, along with delivery all the way to your doorstep) from China to the UK or most other countries in continental Europe such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Netherlands etc. In this way, every month CNXtrans helps hundreds of businesses in the UK and Europe ship from China on a door-to-door basis in the most cost effective way possible.

For more information on shipping internationally from China via CNXtrans, visit the CNXtrans homepage. You may also contact CNXtrans by emailing contact@cnxtrans.com.

Shipping by Train from China to Europe


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