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Why does shipping packages from China to Singapore take longer than from USA to Singapore?

Generally shipping times depend far more on the mode of shipping used rather than how far apart the countries are. If you think about it, an airplane can fly from one country to most other countries within 24 hours but shipping time difference between different shipping modes can range from days to months. Why? It is certainly not the case that the airplanes for slower air shipping modes are somehow ‘flying slower’.

Certainly, it you wanted, you can ship from China to Singapore by air courier express as well just like many do for shipments from USA to Singapore, but then you would have to prepared to pay for it since air courier express shipments tend to be expensive.

Rather, for the economical air shipping routes, what’s normally happening is that the shipper is waiting for a longer period to have more goods shipped together under a single airway bill - only this way can they afford to have goods shipped to you for so cheap. As a result, the shipping will take much longer.

Most people who are looking to buy and ship from China are more price-sensitive and are looking for a low cost way to buy products or are merchants seeking to buy inventory to sell via their online and physical stores. Therefore, often when shipping from China to Singapore and other countries, many buyers are sensitive to the shipping costs and want their goods to be shipped to them via economical shipping routes that cost less but take longer to arrive. Some are even shipping by post where the shipping process has many more steps and takes a lot longer with multiple stoppages along the way.

For large shipments from China to Singapore, many people are even choosing to ship by sea as it is much more cost effective. Sea shipments tend to take anywhere between 20–25 days inclusive of delivery to door. Therefore, in such cases, it would also make little sense to compare sea shipping times from China to Singapore with air courier express shipping times from USA to Singapore.

On the other hand, many people are buying goods from the USA to be shipped to Singapore and other countries are not quite as price sensitive. In many cases, they are looking for finished branded goods that cost less in the US or branded goods that cannot be found in Singapore or whichever countries they are in. Therefore, such customers are better able to accept the higher shipping costs that come with shipping by air courier express from USA. Shipping is therefore very fast and can be delivered to door in just a few days.

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Why does shipping packages from China to Singapore take longer than from USA to Singapore?
Shipping times depend more on the shipping modes used rather than the sender and receiver's countries


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