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Why Taobao is King

Taobao is the most amazing online shopping site in the world. You can enjoy the widest selection of goods from all over China at amazingly low prices. Once you start online shopping on #Taobao, you never want to shop anywhere else again. It’s addictive!

China is the factory of the world and hence most things in the world are produced in China. Therefore when you buy from China you’re effectively buying from the source of production - this makes things cheaper. Many international brands have their goods produced in China at very low prices but have their branding slapped onto it and charge consumers multiples of what it cost to produce their product. In fact many of products you see on the Amazon USA or UK sites are actually purchased by Amazon sellers from #Taobao! So why don’t you buy from the source as well? Hence if you’re not preoccupied with branding and more interested in buying goods that are value for money, then Taobao is the perfect place for you to do your online shopping as an individual or bulk purchasing as a business (also have a look at

Not only is China the factory of the world, we have to remember that China is a big country as well. A lot of domestic trade takes place in China - different goods are produced more cheaply in different parts of China depending on the region’s resources and specializations. On #Taobao, the goods which offer the most value for money (and which in turn become the most popular goods) get shown first when you search for a particular product categories - this ensures that you’re not only buying cheaply from China but you buy the best value for money that China has to offer - this makes it an all round great deal for consumers all over the world buying from Taobao.

Of course you have to remember that most Taobao stores do not offer international shipping from China. This means you need a service like CNXtrans( to help you handle the international shipping from China. The Taobao store will send the goods to the CNXtrans warehouse and from there CNXtrans will ship internationally to you. If you need help purchasing as well, you can use CNXtran’s Buy+Ship for You service


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