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We have received your request for our China Warehouse Address to send your goods to for international shipping.

Here are the address details of our main warehouse in China (it needs to be in Chinese as domestic shipments in China require addresses to be in Chinese): 


详细地址 (Full Address):深圳市宝安机场福永立新南路192-194号

邮政编码 (Postal Code):518100 

收货人姓名 (Recipient): 朱芳平

电话号码 (Phone Number):



Give this address to each seller/supplier you are buying from. Once they have sent the goods over, get them to give you the domestic shipment numbers and then you can email them over to us at We use this number to identify your packages as belonging to you when they arrive. If you will be buying from many different suppliers, you can combine all the domestic shipment numbers into one single list and send them over to us at contact@cnxtrans.comRegardless of whether you have sent us the domestic shipment number yet, we'll receive and store all domestic shipments that have been sent to our warehouse free of charge and will ship them out internationally once you've sent us the domestic shipment numbers and given us instructions to ship out along with which country to ship to. 


Once your packages have arrived at our warehouse we will contact you via email for your international shipping details. If you have sent multiple packages over to us, we can either consolidate them into a single international shipment if you need them all shipped to the same address in your home country, or, if you need us ship them separately to multiple customers and addresses around the world, simply send us all the addresses and let us know. 

If you will be buying directly on Taobao/Tmall and sending the goods to our warehouse address for international shipping, you can use our warehouse address details as given above. If you need guidance on how to fill in each field on the address page, the following information will be useful to you:

For 省份(province) select广东


We look forward to cooperating with you or your business.

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Best Regards,


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