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Consolidating Packages (your purchases) in China before Shipping Internationally

Have all your purchases sent to the CNXtrans warehouse and we'll consolidate and ship from China together for you by Air, Sea or Train

Consolidating Packages from Multiple Suppliers in China before Shipping Together Internationally via CNXtrans

Many of our customers choose to consolidate their packages, often from multiple factories/suppliers/vendors before shipping internationally from China altogether as a single international shipment

Why it makes sense to consolidate packages before shipping internationally

Consolidate Packages & Ship Internationally from China via CNXtrans

1. Reduce your International Shipping Costs 

a) Pay only One Base Charge for the Entire Shipment

Shipping internationally individually from each supplier in China is expensive because there is a base shipping charge for each shipment. If you ship all your purchases separately without consolidating, you have to pay this base shipping charge for each shipment and that is expensive especially if there are many different suppliers involved


b) Reduce your per kg or per CBM shipping costs

Furthermore, international shipping costs tend to be structured such that the heavier or larger the shipment, the lower your per kg or per CBM shipping cost. Whether you are shipping by air, sea or rail, it makes sense to consolidate your goods from multiple suppliers and send them all as a single international shipment from China. This is a key consideration for your business especially if your profit margins are thin.

c) We'll repack your goods to ensure they are packed in the most cost effective manner for international shipping

Also, many suppliers and factories in China do not pack your goods in a cost effective manner for shipping. For example they may use unnecessarily heavy packaging or larger packages than may be required. When processing your goods for international shipping, CNXtrans will analyze your packaging and ensure that we pack them for you in the most cost effective manner so as to minimize your shipping costs. For example, if the packages used are excessively large, we will combine more goods in the same package. If there are too many small packages, we will combine your goods into larger but fewer packages so as to reduce the shipping weight. 

2. Privacy from your Suppliers

While you may be purchasing from multiple suppliers in China, even if you wish to consolidate your goods you may not want each supplier to know which other suppliers you are working with. The best way round this is to work with a third-party international shipping agent and freight forwarder like CNXtrans where you can simply obtain the CNXtrans warehouse address and get each supplier to have your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse for storage, consolidation and international shipping


3. Privacy from your Customers

If you're consolidating packages for the purpose of shipping to one or multiple customers around the world, you may not wish to share supplier details and contact information with them as such information constitutes business secrets to your company. Simply obtain the CNXtrans warehouse address and get each supplier to have your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse and CNXtrans can remove all supplier receipts/invoices/branded packaging for you before shipping internationally.

Best of all, CNXshipping offers free consolidation, repacking and storage services

Free Warehousing & Consolidation Services in China via CNXtrans

We understand that ordering goods from multiple suppliers/factories can sometimes take time and we do not want you to rush or make the wrong purchases and hence CNXtrans offers you free storage and consolidation services before shipping internationally. Simply get our warehouse address and obtain the domestic shipment number (运单号) for each domestic shipment being sent to our warehouse in China and combine them into a single list to be sent to us once ready.


Meanwhile our warehouse will automatically receive and store your packages for you regardless of whether you have sent us the domestic shipment number or not. Once you have sent us the final list of domestic shipment numbers, we will consolidate all your packages and process them for international shipping accordingly. Contact us at for more details. 

Consolidating Goods for Sea/Train Container Shipping

Consolidating Goods for Container Freight Shipping from China via CNXtrans

Not only does CNXtrans offer consolidation services for air courier shipments, we also offer the same for air cargo/freight, sea and train shipments (train shipments are applicable only for shipments to Europe). Whether you are shipping via LCL (Less Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load), CNXtrans will consolidate your goods and ship internationally for you via the most cost-effective routes given the profile of your shipment. For Air Cargo shipments, once all the goods have arrived and been consolidated we will transport them to either Shenzhen or Guangzhou Airport for international shipping. For sea freight shipments, once all the goods have arrived and been consolidated we will transport them to Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Hong Kong port for international shipping.


Whichever mode of shipping is used, consolidating your goods from multiple suppliers in China into a single international shipment helps you to minimize your international shipping costs from China. Contact CNXtrans at for more details. 

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