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CNXtrans enables you to Ship from China to any country around the world

Have your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse and we'll ship from China together for you by Air, Sea or Train

CNXtrans is a China-based Freight Forwarder which enables customers from all over the world ship from China to more than 200 countries worldwide

Ship from China to more than 200 countries worldwide - CNXtrans

Whichever factories, manufacturers and suppliers you're buying from in China, get them to have your goods sent to our warehouse in China where we will receive and store your goods for you. Once all your goods have arrived, we will consolidate and ship them together internationally to you by air, sea or train. 

When you buy and ship from China, most China factories, manufacturers & suppliers on Alibaba and other similar platforms will require you to have an international shipping agent before taking your order

Ship from China using a China Shipping Agent - CNXtrans

One of the first things many factories in China will ask you before taking your order is whether you have an international shipping agent to help you ship from China. They will need you to give them your China shipping agent's warehouse address for them to send the goods to. From there, your China shipping agent will consolidate and ship your goods together internationally to you. Since most factories in China work on a EXW basis, they will require you to find your own international shipping agent to ship from China for you. 


CNXtrans will therefore be your international shipping agent and help you ship from China. We offer you a warehouse address located in Guangdong province - the logistical and import-export hub of China with access to the most shipping routes from China at the lowest shipping rates. As a result, CNXtrans has become the preferred international shipping agent for countless businesses and individuals around the world who are looking to buy and ship internationally from China.


Whatever goods you may be buying from China such as apparel, accessories, fashion products, electronics, gadgets, tools, phone covers, chargers and other phone accessories, toys, robot toys, pet supplies, medical supplies, home decor products, furniture and so on, CNXtrans can act as your international shipping agent and help you ship from China via air, sea or train depending on your specific shipping needs.

Shipping Small Packages from China

Shipping from China by epacket - CNXtrans

For shipping very small packages from China where speed is not a priority, we can ship by post. However, postal shipments can take a long time to reach you, often up to two months. A more cost effective way to ship small packages would be by epacket which can normally take about two weeks to be delivered to door, suitable for small shipments of under 2kg. 

If speed is a priority, then the best way to ship would be by air courier i.e. DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex or local courier. Air courier shipping from China costs more than postal shipping or epacket but is a lot faster. Shipments get delivered to your door in as quickly as 3-6 days, depending on which courier is used and the country you are shipping to. 

Shipping Large Packages, Pallets & Containers from China

Container Shipping from China - CNXtrans

For larger shipments from China, the more commonly used shipping routes are air freight/cargo, sea freight (to port or door) and railway freight (to door). 

We do have air freight shipping routes that ship either to an airport near you or delivery all the way to your address. The larger the shipment, the more worthwhile it would be to ship by sea freight or rail freight. Sea freight is available for shipping from China to any country worldwide while rail freight is currently only available for shipping to Europe. 

For sea freight and rail freight to many countries worldwide, CNXtrans offers full door to door shipping inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery to door. This way, you will not need to hire a customs broker or pay any customs duties in the destination country. Contact us at for more details. 

Air freight generally takes about 6-8 days while sea freight and rail freight shipments generally take about about a month. 

Shipping all types of products from China including 'sensitive' items

Ability to Ship Sensitive Items from China - CNXtra

CNXtrans also has access to special shipping routes that enables you to ship many types of 'sensitive' products from China including batteries, liquids, cosmetics, historical books, magnets, powerbanks, toy cars, drones, robots and more. While many freight forwarders in China will reject shipping these items, CNXtrans will be able to ship them for you.

When shipping from China, we can ship to you, your customers, your warehousing/fulfillment centers or even Amazon FBA warehouses around the world

Amazon FBA Shipping - CNXtrans.png

Note that the recipient of the shipment (the consignee) does not necessarily need to be you. It can also be your customers around the world. We can also ship different packages to different addresses around the world depending on what your needs are. In addition, we can also ship to Amazon FBA warehouses around the world. Our service is flexible and can be catered to suit your needs. Contact us by emailing us at for more details. 

When you Ship from China via CNXtrans, you enjoy a whole host of the best shipping options at the best rates for air, sea & train shipping

While you can indeed find amazing bargains when you buy from factories and suppliers on and other China-based websites, CNXtrans ensures that when you ship from China, your international shipping costs are minimized too by shipping for you in the smartest and most economical way, whether by air, sea or train.


As a professional China-based freight forwarding service, we can offer you such preferential shipping rates due to our high shipping volumes and established relationships with the shippers. Based on the specific details of your shipment such as the weights, dimensions, volume, type of products and country being shipped to, we'll advice you on the smartest and most economical way to ship from China.

The CNXtrans China warehouse is strategically located in the manufacturing & logistics hub of China in Shenzhen, Guangdong (nearby to Hong Kong)

Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Map.png

Why the CNXtrans China Warehouse location is ideal for customers looking to ship internationally from China

Located in the premier manufacturing and logistics hub of China with special access to the widest range of shipping routes from both Mainland China & Hong Kong

Guangdong is the ideal part of China for your China warehouse to be because Guangdong is the premier manufacturing hub of China and Shenzhen is right in the center of it, in close proximity to many of the factories, manufacturers & suppliers you will be buying from. In any case, domestic shipping in China is very low cost and even if your suppliers are located outside of Guangdong province, they can still send their goods to our warehouse in China using very low cost domestic shipping options like '物流' - you can put your suppliers in touch with us and we will liaise with them over having your goods sent over to our warehouse in Shenzhen, Guangdong. 

Furthermore, Bao-An district of Shenzhen where our warehouse is located is also the logistical hub of China with access to the widest range of shipping channels and routes from China at the lowest rates, maximizing your shipping options (air, sea & train) and minimizing your shipping costs when shipping internationally from China. 

On top of that, Shenzhen is also located just across the border from Hong Kong which means that when you ship from China through CNXtrans, you get access to both shipping routes from Mainland China and Hong Kong. For example, there are many instances whereby shipping by sea from the Port of Hong Kong will give you access to lower shipping rates than a Mainland Chinese port - with CNXtrans you also get easy access to shipping out from both Mainland Chinese ports and the Port of Hong Kong.

While CNXtrans offers shipping from China to more than 200 countries worldwide, here are some of the key countries that CNXtrans offers shipping to:

Ship from China to USA - CNXtrans
Ship from China to New Zealand - CNXtrans
Ship from China to UK - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Australia - CNXtrans
Ship from China to France - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Italy - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Malaysia - CNXtrans
Ship from China to UAE - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Thailand - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Saudi Arabia - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Canada - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Germany - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Singapore - CNXtrans
Ship from China to Vietnam - CNXtrans
Ship from China to South Africa - CNXtrans
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