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Customs Broking (Clearance) Services in China & Around the World

Customs Broking for Importing to China

Customs Broking service available as part of the entire shipping logistical process for importing to China or simply as a stand-alone service. This means that if you use our service to ship to China, we will automatically include our customs broking service in it unless you tell us otherwise (you have your own customs broker). Alternatively, if you have your own method of shipping to China but just need help with the customs clearance, you can also choose to use our stand-alone customs broking service once your goods have arrived at any port in China. Either way we will manage the customs clearance process for you. 

Customs Clearance - CNXtrans

All bulk imports to China require customs broking services in order to clear customs. With assistance from you in providing the necessary documentation for the items you will be importing to China, CNXtrans can act as your customs broker to clear customs for all types of goods including but not limited to food, drinks, alcohol, automobiles, machinery, cosmetics, chemicals, branded goods and so on. Email us at for more details.

Clear customs for importing all types of products into China

Customs Clearance for Importing all types of goods to China - CNXtrans

Minimize your Duties when Importing to China

Every business importing to China seeks to minimize duties in order to maximize profit margins. With years of experience clearing customs for all types of products being imported into China, CNXtrans will get your items cleared at the lowest rates possible by classifying items according to their optimal HS Codes and at optimal declared values. There is also the option to import to China via Hong Kong as duties tend to be lower when importing via that route. Email us at for more details. 

Minimize your customs duties when you import to China - CNXtrans

Customs Broking for Exporting from China

For all shipments from China, CNXtrans automatically manages the export customs clearance process for you in China, which is generally quite straightforward. What most customers are more concerned with is the clearing of import customs and minimizing or avoiding duties altogether.


For air courier shipments from China

Air Courier Customs Clearance - CNXtrans

For air courier shipments to most countries, typically the air courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, SF Express and others) will be able to clear customs for you without your assistance or the need for a customs broker, unless you're shipping items that are prohibited from being imported into your country. For air courier shipments to countries like USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India, Hong Kong & Taiwan (Greater China) and others, we do also have special air courier shipping routes that come with automatic customs clearance in your own country. Hence, generally speaking customs broking is not required for air courier shipments around the world. 

For Sea Shipments from China

Customs Clearance for Sea Shipments from China to your Country - CNXtrans

For sea shipments from China to around the world, we can either ship to port or ship to door. For large shipments or container shipments, customers generally choose to ship to port as it is more cost effective to do so. However for shipments to port, note that no customs broking service is included which means you would have to get a local customs broker to clear customs for you upon arrival of goods. If you're shipping to the US, click here to locate the major port closest to you and find a list of local customs brokers. Alternatively, for sea shipments to most (but not all) countries we can also ship to door which would be inclusive of customs clearance services but do note that shipping to door usually costs significantly more than shipping to port. 

For Train Shipments from China

Customs Clearance for Train Shipments from China to your Country - CNXtrans

Shipping by train cargo from China is only available for shipments to Europe and only shipments with at least 100kg in chargeable weight are eligible to be shipped by train. All train shipments to countries in Europe are inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery all the way to the customer's doorstep. Hence if you ship by train you will not need to enlist the services of a customs broker. Contact us at to find out more. 

For Air Cargo Shipments from China

Customs Clearance for Air Cargo/Air Freight Shipments to your Country - CNXtrans

Shipping by Air Cargo (also known as Air Freight) is different from shipping by air courier. Air courier refers specialized international courier delivery services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT which is automatically done on a door-to-door basis while air cargo refers to shipping your goods via commercial airlines. By default, air cargo is shipped to a major airport closest to you. However, for most countries, we can also offer air cargo on a door to door basis - meaning we include the last mile delivery to your doorstep, which would naturally cost more than just shipping to the airport. For shipping to airports, customs broking services are not included - hence you will either have to go to the airport to clear customs yourself (will be easier to do so if your company has an import license) or find a local customs broker to clear customs for you and even handle the last mile delivery to your doorstep if required. If instead you choose to ship on a door-to-door basis, we will include customs broking and the last mile delivery to your doorstep. 

Point to Note: Unlike importing to China, for exporting from China to your country we do not offer customs broking service on a stand-alone basis - this means our customs broking services via the various door-to-door shipping methods as described above are only offered if you use us to ship internationally from China.

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