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Why CNXtrans is the best Taobao, Alibaba and Shipping Agent for businesses and individuals importing goods internationally from China

The best Taobao, Alibaba & shipping agent is one which is also a professional freight forwarding service in China.

Logistics from China can be complex because for any given shipment, there can be many shipping lines available. For example, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and SF Express each have multiple routes from both Hong Kong and Mainland China and the most cost effective air courier shipping route will depend on the type of goods being shipped and the country being shipped to. Certain products can only be shipped via certain routes and it is very common to encounter situations where you have one logistics company which tells you a product can’t be shipped due to restrictions whereas the next one tells you it can ship that product.

This means that it is important to find a China Shipping Agent with access to the widest range of air courier shipping routes available, in order to ensure that your products can not only be shipped, but via the most cost effective air courier shipping route available. CNXtrans is one such company.


Another factor to consider for customers buying in bulk from Taobao, 1688, Alibaba or other Chinese websites and suppliers is that if your shipment is very large it may be more cost effective to ship by sea or even rail (train) cargo. However most Taobao agents don’t offer shipping by sea or rail which means shipping can be very expensive if you or your business is a bulk exporter from China. CNXtrans offers you not only a wide range of air shipping routes but sea and rail cargo shipping as well for businesses buying in bulk from China. This minimizes your shipping costs through economies of scale and increases your profit margins when buying from China and selling to your customers worldwide. 


CNXtrans can even ship your goods by sea from all major ports in China depending on which port is located closest to the supplier you’re buying from. Both sea and train shipping also come with customs clearance and duties in your destination country included, along with delivery all the way to your doorstep once the goods have arrived at the port closest to you. This is especially useful for customers without import licenses or customs brokers in their own countries.

Furthermore, CNXtrans even offers you free warehousing, storage, repackaging and consolidation of packages at our main warehouse in China before shipping internationally. Free storage ensures you can take your time to purchase all your goods from the various suppliers without having to worry about incurring storage charges for the goods that have already arrived at our warehouse. Free consolidation enables you to minimize your international shipping costs instead of paying for a separate international shipment from each and every supplier you're purchasing from. This makes CNXtrans the most cost effective way to purchase in bulk and ship internationally from China. 

Hence these are some of the factors you would need to consider when looking for a Taobao, Alibaba or Shipping Agent that can offer you the widest range of most cost effective shipping options when you purchase from Taobao, Alibaba, and other Chinese websites and ship internationally from China.


You can also contact CNXtrans via email at

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