Buy & Ship Internationally from Taobao, 1688,,, Dangdang, Kongfz, Alibaba or other China websites & suppliers!

  • We can either buy+ship for you or just ship for you 

  • All goods will be sent to our warehouse in China first

  • From our warehouse we'll ship internationally to your or your customers more than 200 countries worldwide via air, sea or rail

Minimize your Costs when Exporting from China

Enjoy a whole range of complimentary logistical services at our China warehouse before shipping internationally to more than 200 countries worldwide

Free Storage
Free Storage of Goods at our Warehouse in China - CNXtrans

Need to store your goods at our China warehouse until you're ready to ship? Waiting for more packages to arrive before consolidating & shipping together internationally? Enjoy free unlimited storage at our warehouse.

Free Consolidation
Free Consolidaton of Goods at our Warehouse in China - CNXtrans

Buying from multiple suppliers/sellers and need us to consolidate all your packages into a single international shipment? Have them all sent to our China warehouse for international shipping and we'll consolidate them for you at no charge. 

Free Repacking
Free Repacking of Goods at our Warehouse in China - CNXtrans

We can help you repack, relabel, add/remove invoices and add any required logos to your items/packages at our warehouse in China before international shipping to you or your customers around the world. 

Ship Air, Sea or Train

Air Shipping/Freight
Air Courier Shipping or Air Freight Shipping from China - CNXtrans
Ocean Shipping/Freight
Sea Freight Shipping from China via CNXtrans
Train Shipping/Rail Freight
Train Shipping / Railway Freight from China via CNXtrans

Ship from China via air, sea or rail depending on the nature of your shipment. Note that shipping by train is only available for shipments to European countries.

For smaller shipments and where speed is the most important to you, we would ship from China to you via air courier/cargo. Air courier shipments via DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT or SF Express can be delivered to your doorstep in as quickly as 3-5 business days. For larger shipments we can also ship by air cargo (via commercial airlines). 

For larger shipments especially if you're shipping in pallets or containers, we would ship to you via ocean freight. Note that ocean shipments are measured in terms of Cubic Meters (CBM) if shipping on a LCL (Less Container Load Basis), and in terms of 20 foot or 40 foot containers if shipping on a FCL (Full Container Load Basis). Note that small shipments are not eligible for shipping by sea. 

Also, for larger shipments only, shipping by train is a good alternative to shipping by air or sea because it is more cost effective than shipping by air and logistically easier to handle than shipping by sea. Note that shipping by train from China is currently only available for shipments to European countries. 

Top Websites for Purchasing from China

While CNXtrans can help you buy and ship worldwide from any China-based website, here are some of the top websites that exporters from China are purchasing from

CNXtrans is both your Taobao Agent (or JD, 1688, Dangdang and agent)  & International Freight Forwarder from China. 


Ship to all countries and addresses around the world including Amazon warehouses

Ship All Types of Goods

Apart from normal goods, we also have the ability to ship all types of sensitive goods including goods with 'international brands', batteries, magnets, DVDs, toner cartidges, wooden furniture, food, liquids and more . Depending on the items you will be shipping, the size of your shipment and the country you will be shipping to, we will choose the most cost effective shipping route for you. 

Air Courier Logistics Partners

Air Courier Logistics Partners for Shipping Internationally from China - CNXtrans

Sea Freight Logistics Partners

Sea Freight Logistics Partners for Shipping Internationally from China - CNXtrans

About CNXshipping (Export Division)

CNXtrans Office

CNXtrans is a China-based all-in-one comprehensive export facilitation service offering purchasing, logistical, shipping and solutions to international customers all over the world looking to export from China. We offer door-to-door and door-to-port international shipping from China to more than 200 countries worldwide via air, rail (for shipments to Europe only) or sea. We also offer a purchasing (Buy-For-Me) service for customers who need help purchasing on websites like Taobao, Tmall, 1688., Alibaba,, Dangdang. and Kongfz before shipping internationally to them. Our warehouses in China are located primarily in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai. You may use our warehouses in China to store, repack and consolidate your packages before shipping internationally to you. Whatever product you wish to export from China, feel free to contact CNXtrans to handle the purchasing and/or international shipping from China for you.