Ship from China to any country around the world

CNXtrans offers international shipping from China to more than 200 countries worldwide

Whether you're buying from factories, manufacturers, Alibaba suppliers, Taobao, Tmall,,,, Dangdang or, CNXtrans will consolidate your goods and ship them internationally to you. If you need help buying as well, simply use our Buy+Ship for You service.

CNXtrans offers international shipping from China by air, sea or rail

Air shipping is fastest route, mostly for smaller shipments where speed is a priority. Ocean shipments are meant for larger shipments such as shipping in pallets or containers on an LCL or FCL basis. Train shipments are also meant for larger shipments of at least 100kg in shipping weight and is only available for shipments to Europe. 

Air Shipping/Freight
Ocean Shipping/Freight
Train Shipping/Rail Freight

For smaller shipments and even larger shipments where your priority is speed, we ship via air courier/cargo. Air courier shipments via DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT or SF Express can be delivered to you or your customers' doorsteps in as quickly as 3-5 business days. For larger shipments we can also ship by air cargo (via commercial airlines). We also have bulk air shipping routes (for large shipments) to USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore that are inclusive of customs clearance and delivery to door (including Amazon FBA warehouses around the world).

For larger shipments especially if you're shipping in pallets or containers, we can ship to you via ocean freight. Note that ocean shipments are measured in terms of Cubic Meters (CBM) if shipping on a LCL (Less Container Load Basis), and in terms of 20 foot or 40 foot containers if shipping on a FCL (Full Container Load Basis). Sea shipments to USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia are inclusive of delivery to door (including Amazon FBA warehouses around the world) Note that small shipments are not eligible for shipping by sea. 

Also for larger shipments only, shipping by train is a good alternative to shipping by air or sea because it is more cost effective than shipping by air and logistically easier to handle than shipping by sea. Note that currently shipping by train is only available for shipments to European countries and comes inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery to door. The goods are transported to Europe by train and after customs has been cleared, UPS will handle the delivery to door. 

All goods will need to be sent to our warehouse in China first. From there, we'll handle the international shipping for you. 

Whether you're buying from a single or multiple sellers, and whether you're buying directly from the seller or getting us to buy on your behalf, all goods will be sent to our warehouse in China first. We'll store and consolidate your goods for you until you're ready to ship internationally. 

If you're using our Buy+Ship for You service, we'll automatically buy the goods for you, have them sent to our warehouse address in China, then ship internationally to you. If you're using our Just Ship for You service instead, then you will need to either email us at for our warehouse address in china or submit the warehouse address request form on our Just Ship for You page.

How we identify your packages once they arrive at our warehouse

As there are thousands of packages at our warehouse in China at any point in time, you may be wondering how we identify your packages as belonging to you when they arrive at our warehouse.





If you're using our Buy+Ship for You service, we take care of this for you and hence you're not required to do anything.


If however you're using our Just Ship for You service, we'll need you to provide us with the domestic shipment number of each shipment being sent to our warehouse. Every domestic shipment comes with a unique domestic shipment number that is indicated in the shipment receipt that is attached to your package. A copy of this receipt would be given to the sender as well. Your domestic shipment number acts as a unique identifier for your package and so we use it to identify your packages as belonging to your account when they arrive. You simply need to get your factory/manufacturer/supplier to give you the domestic shipment number (运单号) and pass that information onto us. Once all your packages have arrived we'll consolidate them into a single international shipment for you and contact you by email to handle the international shipping to you.  

Buy+Ship for You

Just Ship for You

We can ship to you, your customers or even Amazon FBA warehouses around the world

Note that the recipient of the shipment (the consignee) does not necessarily need to be you. It can also be your customers around the world. We can also ship different packages to different addresses around the world depending on what your needs are. In addition, we can also ship to Amazon FBA warehouses around the world. Our service is flexible and can be catered to suit your needs. Contact us by emailing us at for more details. 

CNXtrans is your logistics gateway purchasing and shipping internationally from China. Use CNXtrans to ship to from China in bulk via air, sea or rail. Have all your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse in China and CNXtrans will store, consolidate and ship your goods internationally for you. We offer free storage, repacking and consolidation services at our warehouse.  We also offering purchasing services (Buy-For-Me) from websites like Taobao, Tmall,,, Dangdang, and Kongfz.comCNXtrans is a comprehensive all-in-one logistical solution, freight forwarder and international shipping agent for exporting from China and shipping internationally door-to-door or door-to port to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

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