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Terms of Use

  1.  The following Terms of Use pertain to all Users of and its service. 

  2.  For the purpose of the Terms of Use stipulated below, ‘User’ will refer to all individuals who use this Website (, while ‘We’ will refer to CNXtrans and its service. 

  3.  All Users of this Website ( agree to adhere to and abide by the Terms of Use as stipulated in this document in their  usage of the CNXtrans service. 

  4.  When submitting a quote request or contact form to CNXtrans, User will be submitting User’s email address to us. User agrees that this  information can be used to enable the User to receive all future transaction-related emails, newsletters and advertisements from us.

  5.  We reserve the right to reject a User’s order at any time without assigning any reason or if User violates laws, regulations or these terms  and conditions or is deemed to have conducted any illegal behavior. 

  6.  We will not disclose any of User’s personal particulars submitted or communicated to us during the Order process to any third party  without User’s approval, except in the following circumstances (1) Disclosure is required by legal authorities (2) Any business  partnership involving the service provided by this Website, in which case We will require our partner(s) to comply with our privacy policy

  7.  If User ships any product to or from China through our logistical service, User undertakes that We will not be held responsible, financially or  legally, for any dissatisfaction that the User may have with the quality of the item due to any misrepresentations or otherwise, made by  the merchant or seller.

  8.  User is responsible for product costs, domestic freight, international freight, shipping insurance, any applicable repacking charges,  warehousing fees, customs duties, any over-sized package charges, along with any applicable service charge and bank transfer charge. 

  9.  Orders cannot be canceled or amended by the User after payment for the order has been made by User.

  10.  We reserve the right to open and inspect a User’s shipment without prior notice to the User. Inspection may also be done to ensure that  the User is not shipping a restricted item or to enable us to determine if the User’s item is suitable for being repacked. 

  11.  Any products deemed unacceptable for shipment by our freight providers or relevant government authorities for any legal or safety  reasons will be returned to its origin at the User's cost and/or We reserve the right to dispose of the Shipment.

  12.  Chargeable Weight for international shipping calculated based on the total of the higher of the actual/physical or volumetric/dimensional  Weight for each individual package. 

  13.  We do not guarantee delivery of packages which do not comply with the import regulations of the country to which they are delivered to.

  14.  While our international courier partners will make every reasonable effort to deliver international shipments according to their regular  delivery schedules, these are not guaranteed and are not binding. We are not liable for any damages or loss caused by delays.

  15.  All international shipping rates and service-related charges as shown on this Website are subject to change from time to time at our own  discretion. 

  16.  We will conduct regular system maintenance and functional improvements to our Website which may occasionally result in temporary  system downtime. We do not guarantee that this Website will always be accessible, timely, error-free or free from any computer viruses  or similar invasive or damaging codes, or be be affected by any failure of information technology or telecommunications facilities. We will  not be liable for any losses or damages caused to Users as a result of such issues.   

  17.  Any links to third party Websites or resources provided on our Website do not belong to cnxtrans. We are therefore not responsible for the  availability of these Websites or the reliability of their content and services, or any losses and damages caused or alleged to be caused  by User’s reliance on any such content or services. 

  18.  The original language used for the content on this Website is English and while We may provide some translations to the content in other  languages, We will not assume any liability for any translation errors or misunderstandings that result from the translations. In the event  of any ambiguity, the original copy (in English) should take precedence over any translated versions.

  19.  We are not liable for any delays, loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to any act or  omission by a person not employed or contracted by us; Acts of God e.g. earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog; "Force Majeure" e.g. war,  plane crash or embargo; riot or civil commotion; industrial action; and electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or  photographic images, data or recordings.

  20.  We reserve the right to amend the Terms of Use as stipulated in this document any time at our own discretion.

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