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CNXtrans offers Rail Freight from China to Any EU Country 

Have your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse in China and we'll ship from China together for you by Rail Freight

Why Rail Freight is the preferred shipping mode for EU businesses importing to Europe from China

Rail Freight from China to EU - CNXtrans

For large shipments from China to EU, rail freight is generally the most cost effective way to ship. Rail freight from China only started quite recently in 2014 (with the opening up of the Yiwu-Madrid line) but has grown to become one of the most cost effective ways to ship bulk shipments from China to any country in the EU.
Rail freight is a popular way to ship from China to the EU because businesses shipping from China are often doing so in bulk where it is costly to ship by air freight. Shipping by rail freight from China therefore makes sense especially for businesses which are working on tight profit margins. When shipping by rail freight from China, the per unit shipping costs are much lower than when shipping by air freight.

Why Shipping by Rail Freight from China makes sense

Rail Freight map from China to Europe - CNXtrans

China and Europe are landlocked. This is why rail freight between China and the EU is possible unlike between China and North America. Trains transporting freight from China to Europe by land have to cover a much shorter distance than ships transporting freight from China to Europe. Have a look at the map below of the sea freight route between China and Europe: 

Sea Freight Shipping Route Map from China to Europe - CNXtrans

Ships transporting freight from China to Europe actually need to go south into Southeast Asia all through the Straits of Malacca , often stopping by at the Port of Singapore. Ships therefore need to 'make a big round' even though China and Europe are landlocked and so nearby to each other. This makes rail freight a highly cost effective alternative to sea freight when shipping from China to Europe. At this current time, railway lines and freight trains from China to Europe remain limited but this is expected to grow over time with the Belt & Road initiative and growing trade between China and the EU. The EU is after all China's largest trading partner. 

Rail freight will of course never fully replace sea freight (at least in the foreseeable future) but is a new and growing alternative shipping mode for EU businesses looking to ship in bulk from China to Europe. 

How long does rail freight from China to Europe take?

Many individuals and businesses who have not tried rail freight from China assume that it takes a very long time and that they cannot wait that long. This is not actually the case. In many cases, depending on which EU country you are shipping to, rail freight can take a month or even less. Rail freight is therefore actually faster than shipping by post, where shipping can often take 2 months or more. This is usually worth the significant cost savings you will enjoy from shipping by rail freight as opposed to air freight - all it requires is a little advance planning and purchasing in China so as to ensure you receive your goods on time.


For example, if you have an online store with inventory at an Amazon FBA warehouse or any other fulfillment warehouse, you generally have a rough idea on when your inventory is likely to run out. Therefore, make your purchases from China 1-2 months in advance of your inventory running out and have them shipped by sea freight to enjoy significant cost savings on shipping. 

Great Flexibility: Shipments both small & large can be shipped by rail freight

Shipments of all sizes can be sent via Rail Freight

Rail freight can be used for shipments to Europe which are as small as 25 kilograms to as large as a few thousand kilograms (a few tons). Small shipments are combined with others into the same train cargo but upon arrival of the rail freight shipment in Europe, the delivery to different individual addresses is handled separately via UPS. Therefore, regardless of the size of your shipment, if you're shipping to Europe and minimizing shipping costs rather than shipping speed is your priority, then shipping by rail freight is a great option for you. 

Our Rail Freight Shipping Routes from China to EU countries come inclusive of customs duties

CNXtrans can manage customs clearance for you when shipping from China by sea freight to your country

Importing large shipments is different from importing small shipments. For importing large volumes of goods into your country (or your destination country), you will normally either need an import license (via your registered company) or a customs broker.


The great thing about shipping by rail freight from China to Europe via CNXtrans is that we work with customs brokers in the EU to manage customs clearance for you so you don't have to go through the hassle yourself. You therefore will not need your own customs broker in the EU

Furthermore, our rail freight shipping routes from China to EU countries also come inclusive of customs duties. This means that you will not have to worry about the uncertainty of having to pay high customs duties once your shipment arrived in Europe. The entire process will be managed for you on a door to door basis at the best rates available due to our high shipping volumes. 

Rail Freight Shipping to Europe comes with full Door to Door Service

Shipping from China bShipping from China to Europe by Rail Freight on a Door to Door basis - CNXtrans

Since CNXtrans works with customs brokers in the EU for customs clearance and partners with UPS and local transportation companies to have goods delivered to door, the entire rail freight shipping process from China to Europe will be handled for you on a door to door basis. 

We can also ship by rail freight from China to Amazon FBA warehouses all over Europe

Shipping by Rail Freight from China to Amazon Warehouses in Europe - CNXtrans

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe but also want to enjoy the shipping cost savings that come with rail freight shipping from China to Europe? CNXtrans also has special rail freight shipping routes from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe that come inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery to door.


While Amazon FBA warehouses will let you use their address for the shipment, they will not pay any customs duties on your behalf and therefore you will need to use a shipper like CNXtrans which has access to rail freight shipping routes from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe that take care of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery all the way to the Amazon FBA warehouses for you. Click here to find out more about shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouses around the world via CNXtrans.

The CNXtrans China warehouse is strategically located in the manufacturing & logistics hub of China in Shenzhen, Guangdong (nearby to Hong Kong)

Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Map.png

Why the CNXtrans China Warehouse location is ideal for customers looking to ship internationally from China

Located in the premier manufacturing and logistics hub of China with special access to the widest range of shipping routes from both Mainland China & Hong Kong

Guangdong is the ideal part of China for your China warehouse to be because Guangdong is the premier manufacturing hub of China and Shenzhen is right in the center of it, in close proximity to many of the factories, manufacturers & suppliers you will be buying from. In any case, domestic shipping in China is very low cost and even if your suppliers are located outside of Guangdong province, they can still send their goods to our warehouse in China using very low cost domestic shipping options like '物流' - you can put your suppliers in touch with us and we will liaise with them over having your goods sent over to our warehouse in Shenzhen, Guangdong. 

Furthermore, Bao-An district of Shenzhen where our warehouse is located is also the logistical hub of China with access to the widest range of shipping channels and routes from China at the lowest rates, maximizing your shipping options (air, sea & train) and minimizing your shipping costs when shipping internationally from China. 

On top of that, Shenzhen is also located just across the border from Hong Kong which means that when you ship from China through CNXtrans, you get access to both shipping routes from Mainland China and Hong Kong. For example, there are many instances whereby shipping by sea from the Port of Hong Kong will give you access to lower shipping rates than a Mainland Chinese port - with CNXtrans you also get easy access to shipping out from both Mainland Chinese ports and the Port of Hong Kong.

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