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Privacy Policy

  1. The following terms of our Privacy Policy pertain to all Users of and its service.

  2. CNXtrans is fully committed to maintaining the privacy of any personal details you submit on this website.

  3. Personal details you may submit on this website include your first and last name, email address and final delivery address. Such information will only be used for the creation and maintenance of your CNXtrans account, and to process and deliver your orders through our logistics partners. Your email address will only be used for purposes related to our service, such as transaction emails, order inquiries, or the dissemination of any applicable marketing content. 

  4. Your computer system information including your IP address, system type, device and browser used may be automatically logged by our web server. Such information, if recorded, will only be used for statistical purposes to enable us to better understand the demographics and preferences of our customer base. 

  5. We do not disclose any of your personal details or browsing information including the data referred to in points 2 and 3, to any third party without your approval, except in the following circumstances (1) Disclosure is required by legal authorities (2) Any business partnership involving the service provided by this website, in which case we will require our partner(s) to comply with our privacy policy

  6. CNXtrans does not receive or store any of the payment information you submit during the order process. All payment information that is submitted is done through our Payment Service Provider  which is PCI-DSS compliant.

  7. Certain information pertaining to your international shipment, including the packages being shipped to you may be required by customs authorities for export, import, tax and duty purposes, and also for security screening. Such information may include your name or company name, final delivery address, description of the goods and their declared value, along with the quantity and weight of the packages. Such information will be disclosed in accordance to the legal regulations of both the country which the goods are being exported and the country to which the goods are being imported to. Disclosure of such information is necessary to facilitating the international shipment process on your behalf.

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