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Shipping & Importing to China via Hong Kong

2 Ways to Ship & Import to China

For shipping & importing to China, there are two main ways to do it. The first way is that you ship direct to Mainland China. The second is that you ship the goods to Hong Kong first and then from Hong Kong the goods will be transported to Mainland China. 

Why it makes sense to ship via Hong Kong

Generally speaking, international shipping to Hong Kong whether by air or sea costs less than shipping directly to mainland China. Furthermore, imports to Hong Kong are import duty and tax-free. Hong Kong is a duty-free port and is landlocked with mainland China. The mainland Chinese city that borders Hong Kong is Shenzhen, which one of the primary logistics and e-commerce hubs of China and where many of our main warehouses are located.

Map of Hong Kong and Shenzhen in Mainland China - CNXtrans

At the same time, there will obviously be costs associated with transporting the goods from Hong Kong to Mainland China and going through Chinese customs at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border but generally speaking (depending on the nature of your shipment) it will be more cost effective to ship via Hong Kong as compared to shipping directly to Mainland China. 

2 Main Benefits to Shipping/Importing to China via Hong Kong

Cost Savings

It is generally cheaper to to ship and import to China via Hong Kong, in terms of both the shipping costs and the applicable import duties, although it does depend on a case to case basis. Do enquire with us by emailing us at

Easier to Clear Customs

It is generally easier to clear customs for importing into mainland China when it is done via Hong Kong. This is especially so if you don't have the necessary documentations/certificates for importing certain 'sensitive' products to mainland China. Do enquire with us by emailing us at

CNXtrans handles the entire shipping and importing process for you

Warehousing in Hong Kong for Importing to China - CNXtrans

CNXtrans will handle both direct shipping to Mainland China and shipping to Mainland China via Hong Kong on your behalf, depending on which option you choose. For shipping via Hong Kong, our Partner warehouse in Hong Kong will take care of receiving the goods in Hong Kong and transporting them to our warehouse in Shenzhen, Mainland China. From Shenzhen we'll ship the goods domestically to your recipient (consignee) in China. Hence even if you choose to ship via Hong Kong, you do not have to worry about looking for a Hong Kong warehouse or logistics partner - we manage the entire shipping and importing process for you.

Service Options
  • International Shipping to China by air sea, or rail

  • Import Customs Broking in China

  • Importing to China via Hong Kong

  • Domestic Delivery to Door in China

  • Warehousing in China & around the world

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