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A Guide to Buying Books from China

China, with its rich literary history and a thriving book market, offers a treasure trove of reading delights for bibliophiles around the world. Navigating the vast realm of online bookstores in China opens up a world of possibilities, but it comes with its own set of challenges, including language barriers and payment restrictions. In this comprehensive guide, we'll introduce you to some prominent online bookstores in China, such as Kongfz, Dangdang,,, and Taobao, and explore how services like CNXtrans can help you overcome the barriers of payment methods and shipping restrictions.

1. Kongfz (孔夫子旧书网): A Haven for Rare and Second-hand Books

Overview: Kongfz, known as Kongfuzi Jiushu Wang, is a prominent platform specializing in rare and second-hand books. It's a haven for book collectors and enthusiasts seeking literary treasures from different eras.

Book Selection: From ancient classics to out-of-print editions, Kongfz offers a diverse collection of books, including rare manuscripts, historical texts, and vintage editions.

2. Dangdang (当当网): A Comprehensive Online Bookstore

Overview: Dangdang, often referred to as China's Amazon, is a comprehensive online bookstore that has expanded into various product categories. It's a one-stop shop for literature, academic works, and more.

Book Selection: Dangdang boasts an extensive collection, covering a wide range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, academic publications, and popular bestsellers.

3. (巧购网): A Platform for Bargain Book Hunting

Overview:, also known as Qiaogou Wang, is a platform that focuses on providing users with discounted books. It's an excellent choice for those looking to save on book purchases.

Book Selection: While the emphasis is on discounted books, still offers a broad selection, including popular titles and genres.

4. (京东): A Giant in E-Commerce, Including Books

Overview:, one of China's largest e-commerce platforms, is not just about electronics and gadgets. It has a substantial book section, making it a go-to destination for online book shopping.

Book Selection:'s book section covers a vast array of genres, catering to different reading preferences. From bestsellers to niche topics, you'll find a diverse collection.

5. Taobao (淘宝): The All-Inclusive Online Marketplace

Overview: Taobao, China's colossal online marketplace, isn't just for clothing and gadgets—it's a bustling hub for books too. While it's not specialized solely in books, you'll find an extensive selection from various sellers.

Book Selection: Taobao's book section includes everything from new releases to rare editions. It's a marketplace where sellers offer a wide range of titles, catering to different tastes.

Overcoming Payment and Shipping Barriers with CNXtrans

While these platforms offer a literary paradise, the majority accept Chinese payment methods and ship only to Chinese addresses. This is where CNXtrans steps in as a bridge, connecting global readers with Chinese bookstores.

How CNXtrans Works: CNXtrans acts as a buying and shipping intermediary. Users can submit their order details here, and CNXtrans will purchase the books on their behalf, handle local payments, and provide international shipping to any destination worldwide.

Advantages of CNXtrans:

  • Payment Facilitation: CNXtrans facilitates transactions, eliminating the need for users to have Chinese payment methods.

  • Global Shipping: CNXtrans provides international shipping, ensuring that literary treasures from China reach readers worldwide.

In conclusion, delving into the world of Chinese books is an enriching experience. From rare editions to contemporary bestsellers, these online platforms offer a diverse array of literary gems. With services like CNXtrans, the barriers of payment methods and shipping restrictions fade away, opening up a world of literature for readers across the globe. Explore the digital shelves of China's online bookstores and let the literary journey begin!

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Guide to Buying Books from China
Guide to Buying Books from China


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