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Alibaba Vs. Aliexpress

The difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress depends on what you’re looking for. With Alibaba you’re dealing with manufacturers selling products in large quantities but with Aliexpress you have branded products that you can purchase in single quantities for a slightly higher price.

Aliexpress is the retail to Alibaba’s wholesale. Business owners like to use Aliexpress to test products before placing larger orders on Alibaba.

Alibaba Vs. Aliexpress
Alibaba Vs. Aliexpress

AliExpress Benefits

You can dropship any of the products from AliExpress. So, you there’s no need to carry inventory, buy products in bulk, making it a low-risk business.

Manufacturer’s can ship products to your customers for you on your behalf, at a lower cost than traditional international shipping.

Products can be bought individually, so you can buy the exact number you need.

AliExpress is best for new entrepreneurs who are interested in: testing a new niche, experimenting with a range of products, low-risk businesses, and running a passive income business.

Alibaba Benefits

Greater selection of products to choose from, in a broader range of niches

Create your own custom products from scratch using your own designs

Lowest wholesale cost per product

Alibaba is best for experienced entrepreneurs who: want to sell their own custom products, have the lowest prices, want to have a competitive advantage, and have an existing audience keeping their risk low.

Aliexpress vs. Alibaba vs Alibaba Wholesale

Like we mentioned above, you have 3 options when buying products on Alibaba. The option you choose will depend how far along in the process you are. The best price will always come from Alibaba. However, if you want smaller quantities then either Alibaba wholesale or Aliexpress are better options.

Make a decision based on the goals you have. If you’re just starting out and want to test products with a small order then Aliexpress is for you. But if you want to start placing larger orders then Alibaba wholesale is the better option.

Once you have established yourself and you want to maximize your profit move over to Alibaba and place the biggest orders you can. Each platform is designed to meet you where you are in your business journey.

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Alibaba Vs. Aliexpress
Alibaba Vs. Aliexpress


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