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Alibaba Vs. Amazon - what's the difference?

Alibaba and Amazon are the two biggest ecommerce websites in the world. These are the main differences between Alibaba and Amazon from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Alibaba is a wholesale directory where businesses find products and Amazon is the online storefront for businesses to sell their products.

Alibaba Features

Products can be bought at wholesale prices and then sold on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, or even Instagram

Due to lower product pricing, entrepreneurs can make a higher profit on products sold

Products on the platform are non-branded, so entrepreneurs can create their own brands

Amazon Features

You can sell your products on Amazon but products aren’t typically sourced from there

If you don’t have your own business but want to sell Amazon products, you need to be accepted into Amazon Associates. You’ll receive a commission for selling products.

However, as an affiliate program, entrepreneurs can’t set their own prices

As an affiliate, entrepreneurs can sell brand name products on their online stores

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Alibaba Vs. Amazon - what's the difference?
Alibaba Vs. Amazon - what's the difference?


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