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Can you buy from Alibaba and resell?

Yes, in fact buying from Alibaba is one of the main ways which online stores, physical stores, distributors and retailers all over the world obtain their goods and inventory to be re-sold to customers in their own country or all over the world.

Alibaba ( is a comprehensive sourcing platform for businesses from all over the world to purchase from Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and factories in bulk at low prices and then have them sold at a markup to retail customers. Because the prices on Alibaba are so low, by buying directly from Alibaba, businesses get to maximize their profit margins by buying directly from source instead of purchasing at a higher price from middle-men and distributors who also purchased their supplies from China.

Today, China remains the world's largest exporter. A large percentage of the world's goods are produced either directly or indirectly in China. China is an essential part of the world's supply chain and Alibaba is your gateway to this supply chain. For example, 90% of all electronics products have parts made in Shenzhen, a city in the South of China neighboring Hong Kong. The likes of Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and Canon all have factories in Guangdong province. Almost any electronic part can be bought in the city markets at the likes of Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen, while any prototype can be assembled in a matter of days.

China became the world's manufacturing because unlike any other country it specializes in very different categories, ranging from trading raw materials to electronics, petrochemicals, machinery, textile and clothing, automotive parts, lighting, furniture, shoes, handbags, toys, kitchenware, and accessories etc.

Chinese manufacturing has changed a lot over the last decade. Companies have become more innovative and high-tech. They created prestigious brands primarily targeted at foreign consumers - for example, Lenovo computers, Huawei and OnePlus phones, DJI drones, and Anker phone chargers etc. Made in China no longer means cheap or imitation goods. China has moved up the value chain to become cost effective and value for money - making it the ideal manufacturing hub for businesses all over the world to purchase from. Alibaba is the center for locating factories, manufacturers and suppliers to buy from in China.

Therefore buying from Alibaba and re-selling is basically one of the most basic ways which businesses all over the world are sourcing their goods. It is not only normal - it's almost necessary these days. Whether you're an online store, dropshipper, Amazon FBA seller, distributor or physical store retailer, Alibaba is one of the main go-to online centers for sourcing for supplies and products. When you buy in bulk from Alibaba, the prices are often considerably lower than you will find in most other places.

However, factories, manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba often only work on a EXW basis - meaning they will produce the goods for you but require you to find your own international shipping agent in China to help you ship your goods internationally. This is even more so the case if you're buying from multiple suppliers on Alibaba and want to ship together internationally in order to save on shipping costs.

A shipping agent like CNXtrans ( is therefore ideal for businesses around the world looking to purchase products from Alibaba suppliers and ship together internationally by air, sea or rail. Get the CNXtrans warehouse address in China and give it every supplier you're buying from China to have your goods sent to. Once all your goods have arrived at the CNXtrans warehouse, CNXtrans will consolidate and ship together internationally to you via the most cost effective shipping methods.

Best of all, CNXtrans does not charge for storage and consolidation. This allows you to take your time when purchasing from different suppliers on Alibaba and you will not have to worry about them finishing production at different times - CNXtrans will store all your goods for you at no charge. Once everything has arrived CNXtrans will pack, consolidate and ship together internationally to you or your customers around the world.

Visit for more details about shipping from China.

Buying from Alibaba Suppliers and Reselling - CNXtrans
Buying from Alibaba Suppliers and Reselling

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