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Does DHL ship from China to USA?

Yes, DHL most certainly does offer international air courier shipping from China to USA. This is one of the most important shipping routes for DHL and DHL handles millions of shipments from China to USA each year.

If you need your package urgently in a matter of just a few days, then there is no better air courier to ship with from China than DHL. DHL's air courier shipping is the fastest with the smoothest customs clearance process and the best quality customer service. Shipping from China to USA via DHL can often be as fast as just 3-4 days. DHL is generally considered the most consistent and reliable of all the air courier shipping companies and is ideal for express air shipments from China to USA.

The only problem with going directly through DHL for shipping from China to USA is that it is very expensive. They will charge you a bomb as an individual. The reason for this is that you cannot bring them any volume and them handling your shipment on a one-time basis is therefore very costly to them. It therefore makes little economic sense to try to ship directly through DHL from China to USA.

What most people do is they go through a freight forwarder in China instead. Since freight forwarders can offer courier companies like DHL a high shipping volume, DHL gives them bulk discounts at significantly discounted rates for shipping from China to USA and other countries around the world. You can think of them as volume discounts much like buying from any manufacturer in China - if you're just buying 1 or 2 quantities, they'll charge you more than if you buy in bulk. In shipping, this difference is even starker. Therefore being able to enjoy the volume discounts for shipping that come with using a freight forwarder is critical to minimizing your shipping costs from China to USA.

One such China-based freight forwarder is CNXtrans. CNXtrans offers international shipping from China to USA and the rest of the world via air, sea and for shipments to Europe, even by rail. Generally for smaller shipments which are urgent, customers ship by air. For larger shipments, it makes more economic sense to ship by sea. Therefore most importers looking to ship from China using DHL are generally looking to send smaller shipments which are relatively urgent. Whether it's air or sea shipments, CNXtrans has established long term partnerships with air couriers (DHL) and sea carrier companies and is therefore able to have your goods shipped internationally to USA and the rest of the world at the best rates.

Therefore most importers who are looking to ship from China to USA or anywhere around the world generally use a freight forwarder in China in order to enjoy the best rates instead of going directly to air courier companies like DHL. Obtain the CNXtrans warehouse address in China and get your suppliers to have your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse where CNXtrans will store, consolidate and ship your goods together internationally to the USA or any country around the world.

Not only can you enjoy lower shipping rates when you go through a freight forwarder, you also enjoy the shipping cost savings that come with consolidating goods from multiple suppliers and shipping everything together to USA or other countries around the world. Since there is a minimum base charge per shipment and the larger the shipment, the lower the cost per kg, it makes economic sense to have multiple packages from multiple suppliers consolidated by CNXtrans at the CNXtrans warehouse before shipping together internationally to the USA or other countries around the world.

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Does DHL ship from China to USA? - CNXtrans
Does DHL ship from China to USA?

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