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How can I buy from Taobao outside China?

Taobao offers the widest selection of goods at the lowest prices so it’s no surprise that more and more people around the world are looking to buy from Taobao and ship internationally to them.

While you may be able to pay using international payment methods for most Taobao goods these days, most Taobao stores do not offer international shipping and even the few that do may not be familiar with it and may not be able to offer you the best shipping rates since Taobao stores are mainly focused on selling to the domestic market. Also, the entire Taobao site is in Chinese so unless you’re able to read Chinese, attempting to check out and make payment on Taobao can be very challenging.

The best way to get round these barriers is to use a Taobao Agent like CNXtransfor buying and shipping internationally from Taobao. You can use CNXtrans to either ‘buy+ship for you’ or ‘just to ship for you’. For our ‘buy+ship for you’ service you will need to send us the URLs of the products you wish to buy. For our ‘just ship for you’ service you will need to contact us for our warehouse address in China which you can then use when checking out on Taobao. Once all your goods have arrived at our warehouse in China we will process them for international shipping to you.

Enjoy Free Warehousing Services at the CNXtrans Warehouse

 Enjoy Free Warehousing Services at the CNXtrans Warehouse
Enjoy Free Warehousing Services at the CNXtrans Warehouse

Free Unlimited Storage

CNXtrans does not charge you for storage of goods at our warehouse. Hence you can take your time to make all the orders from various suppliers that you need to make - we'll store all your goods (which have already arrived) at our warehouse until everything has arrived and you're ready to ship internationally

Free Labelling of Packages

CNXtrans does not charge you labelling of packages at our warehouse. Whether you need us to label your packages with Amazon FBA stickers for purposes of shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses or you need us to stick on your company on your company logo, simply send the stickers to us by email ( we'll stick them on for you at no charge. 

Free Repackaging Service

CNXtrans does not charge you for repackaging of goods at our warehouse. Once all your packages have arrived we'll access them for international shipping and decide how to pack them in the most efficient way as to minimize your volumetric weight and thereby minimize your international shipping costs. This may involve using a smaller package for certain items or simply combining all the items from different packages into one big package - we'll do whatever it takes to minimize your volumetric weight. 

Free Consolidation of Packages

CNXtrans does not charge you for consolidating your packages into a single shipment. This is ideal if you're buying from multiple suppliers/factories/Alibaba manufacturers but wish to have all your goods shipped together as a single international shipment in order to minimize your shipping costs. Consolidation is sometimes confused with repacking but in actual fact consolidation can come both with or without repacking. Consolidation simply refers to the act of shipping multiple packages concurrently as a single shipment - they do not all have to be combined into one big package - as long as they are shipped together (concurrently) it is considered one consolidated shipment. There is a base shipping charge (which can be thought of as a minimum shipping charge) for each shipment that you make and shipping multiple packages concurrently (which constitutes a consolidated shipment) ensures that you only have to pay this base charge once instead of paying it for every single package that is shipped separately.

Even without repacking them into a single package, shipping multiple packages concurrently helps you save because you are only charged the base shipping weight once. This helps reduce your international shipping costs. Naturally, if deemed appropriate for your shipment, consolidation can come with repackaging too - after assessing your shipment if we deem that combining all the items into one single large package or into fewer packages can help reduce your volumetric weight, we will do so for you at no charge. 

Visit CNXtrans - Your China Import Export Shipping & Logistics Solution to find out more. We offer international shipping around the world

For further queries please, please feel free to email us at

How can I buy from Taobao outside China?
How can I buy from Taobao outside China?


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