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How do you consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers in China?

This is a great question as it is precisely what many businesses importing goods from China require. Consolidation of goods from multiple suppliers in China before shipping together as a single international shipment is a great way to minimize shipping costs from China.

Get the CNXtrans Warehouse Address in China

All you will need is a top rated China-based Freight Forwarder like CNXtrans which specializes in consolidating and shipping goods for individuals and businesses all over the world. Contact CNXtrans and ask us for our main warehouse address in China. We will give our warehouse address to you inclusive of a unique Suite ID (each customer account has a unique Suite ID) and you can then give this address to each supplier you are purchasing from.

Record the Domestic Shipment Number for each Domestic Shipment your Suppliers Send Over to the CNXtrans Warehouse

Tell your suppliers to include your Suite ID on your package (this is optional but is a good to have) and record the domestic shipment number for each package that is being sent by your suppliers to the CNXtrans warehouse. If you're consolidating goods and buying from multiple suppliers in China, you can wait till you have the full list of domestic shipment numbers ready and send the entire final list to CNXtrans at one go once you have it ready. All goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse are stored according to their domestic shipment numbers and therefore the domestic shipment numbers will act at the unique identifier for each domestic shipment sent to the CNXtrans warehouse.

All domestic shipments sent to the CNXtrans Warehouse will be automatically stored until you're ready to consolidate and ship together

As your suppliers send your goods over to the CNXtrans warehouse, CNXtrans will automatically receive and store all your domestic shipments for you, as we do for all of our customers. Once all your goods have arrived at the CNXtrans warehouse, CNXtrans will consolidate all your goods into a single international shipment and have them shipped together to you anywhere around the world.

How Consolidation helps to Minimize your Shipping Costs

Consolidation helps minimize your shipping costs because the larger the shipment the lower the cost per kg or per CBM and you don’t have to pay a base shipping charge for each shipment like you would have to if you shipped separately from each and every supplier you are purchasing from in China. Since each shipment has a minimum charge and there are volume discounts for large shipments, it makes economic sense to consolidate and ship together internationally rather than shipping each one out separately. CNXtrans can ship internationally from China via air, sea or rail depending on the size of your shipment, the type of goods being shipped and the country you will be shipping to.

Storage, Warehousing, Repacking & Consolidation are all Free at the CNXtrans Warehouse in China

Best of all, storage, warehousing, repacking and consolidation services are all offered free of charge at the CNXtrans warehouse which means you can take your time to make all the orders you need to make and CNXtrans will store all your goods for you for free until everything has arrived and you’re ready to ship internationally. This free storage also helps a lot when consolidating your goods to be shipped internationally together from China because not all the factories will have your goods ready at the same time - some may take longer than others and you don't want to be charged for storage while waiting for everything to be ready and this can often come up to being quite expensive. A Chinese shipping agent like CNXtrans which offers free storage is therefore ideal for individuals and businesses looking to consolidate packages and ship together internationally from China.

Contact CNXtrans by visiting the CNXtrans website or emailing CNXtrans at

How do you consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers in China? - CNXtrans
Consolidate your purchases from multiple suppliers in China and ship together internationally via CNXtrans


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