How many days does FedEx shipping from China to USA normally take?

Air courier express is the fastest way to ship from China to USA. Therefore for urgent shipments from china to USA, air courier is the best choice.

The main air couriers for shipping from China to USA are FedEx, DHL, TNT and UPS. FedEx shipping from China to USA generally takes about 4-5 days inclusive of delivery all the way to your doorstep in USA. Barring any rare customs delays or extended public holidays, you should normally receive your FedEx air courier shipment from China to USA within 4-5 days.

However, note that during the peak end-of-year season where the FedEx volume of shipments is very high, shipments can sometimes take a little longer due to the backlog of shipments at the FedEx warehouses. Therefore, during the end of year peak season, it is advisable to make your purchases from China ahead of time and plan your shipments in advance so as to ensure that your goods from China can arrive on time. This applies not just for shipping from China to USA but any country around the world as well.

While FedEx air courier is indeed a very reliable and fast way to ship from China to USA, the fastest and most reliable air courier shipping company from China to USA is generally considered to be DHL. DHL packages from China to USA can generally arrive in about 3-4 days and delays are extremely rare. Depending on the size of the shipment and types of products being shipped, DHL shipping can sometimes cost more than FedEx although in other instances it is the other way round.

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FedEx Shipping from China to USA - how many days does it normally take?
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