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How to Ship from China when buying from multiple suppliers?

A common scenario that many businesses buying from China find themselves in is that they have contacted multiple suppliers on Alibaba, arranged orders with them but many of these suppliers either do not offer international shipping and want you to look for your own international shipping agent or they do offer shipping but only for their own goods.

This creates a difficult situation for many businesses which struggle to coordinate and keep up with the various shipments. This way, the shipping costs add up considerably as well because each international shipment comes with a separate base charge. It is therefore both costly and inefficient for businesses to ship separately via each and every supplier they are purchasing from in China.

Therefore, the best way for businesses to ship from multiple suppliers in China is to use a freight forwarder/shipping agent like CNXtrans. CNXtrans provides customers with a free China-based Warehouse Address for customers to get their suppliers in China to send their goods to. As CNXtrans does not charge for storage, you can take your time to make all the orders you need to make from your various suppliers.

Once all your goods have arrived at the CNXtrans warehouse, CNXtrans will pack and consolidate all your goods into a single international shipment and have them shipped altogether to you, helping you save on the shipping costs and the hassle of dealing with multiple shipments.

Why Consolidating Shipments Makes Sense

Consolidating shipments into a single large shipment makes sense because of two reasons. Firstly, the larger the shipment, the lower the per unit shipping cost. Larger shipments enjoy economies of scale and a lower per unit shipping cost.

Secondly, shippers charge a base fee for each individual shipment. Therefore if you have multiple shipments, you will be paying this base fee multiple times for each and everyone of your shipments. If however you consolidate them all into a single international shipment, you only have to pay for that base fee once for the entire shipment.

Furthermore, shipments generally to be relatively large (how large depends on the country you're shipping to) for it to be cost effective to ship by sea freight. When you're consolidating goods from multiple suppliers, it's more likely that your entire consolidated shipment will be large enough for your shipment to qualify for sea freight shipping. At the same time, even if each of your purchases from the individual suppliers is large enough to qualify for sea freight, shipping them altogether as a single international shipment will enable you to enjoy a lower per unit shipping cost due to economies of scale.

This is yet another reason why businesses all around the world that are sourcing goods from China are using CNXtrans as a freight forwarder and shipping agent to ship their goods internationally from China to more than 200 countries worldwide.

How to Ship from China when buying from multiple suppliers?
How to Ship from China when buying from multiple suppliers?


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