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More brands choose air cargo to reduce shipping costs

SHIPPING items by air is not the least expensive option, but air freight popularity has been rising since companies realise it's the most economical option in the long run to reduce shipping costs, reports Newport Beach, California's Global Trade Magazine.

Other methods are more expensive, and delays are more likely to occur due to port congestion.

A July 2022 article from London's Financial Times mentioned Levi Strauss, Lululemon Athletica, and Gap as some fashion brands that have recently relied on air cargo.

Some of those businesses spent millions on it, cutting into their profit margins.

However, some company leaders felt the expense worthwhile, since other transportation methods are slower and less reliable.

Those downsides are problematic for industries such as fast fashion, which depend on getting styles quickly and keeping them in stock for buyers.

There are also fewer uncontrollable variables when goods are sent by air.

For example, road construction can last for months, causing long-term traffic congestion. Meanwhile, most air cargo-related delays only last for a few hours at most.

Amazon is among the companies where getting products to customers on time is a top priority.

The company increased its flight activity 14.3 per cent since August 2021. The company has centred its expansion in the EU market, with Amazon having 38 flights daily in that part of the world.

That number was up from eight flights daily in August 2021. Furthermore, Amazon's air cargo network is now within 100 miles of where 73 per cent of the US population lives.

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More brands choose air cargo to reduce shipping costs
More brands choose air cargo to reduce shipping costs


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