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Penang freight forwarders see rising air cargo volume

THE volume of outbound and inbound cargo handled by the Penang Freight Forwarders Association (PFFA) is expected to rise five per cent to over 141,000 tonnes, reports Kuala Lumpur's Malaysia Star.

Honorary secretary-general Ali Ahmad declared the association is confident of achieving the target.

PFFA members already handled over 60,902 tonnes of inbound and outbound cargo.

"Based on customers' feedback, especially those in the electronics and electrical (E&E) sector, the growth trajectory should continue into the second half," said Mr Ahmad.

"The E&E sector will play an important role in driving up the volume of cargo."

E&E components comprised 70 per cent of the cargo exported and imported.

Of the 60,902 tonnes, inbound cargo comprises 26,333 tonnes, and outbound shipment the remainder.

Of the 141,000 tonnes, PFFA expects outbound cargo to comprise 91,000 tonnes and inbound freight the remaining 49,000 tonnes.

Mr Ahmad declared air freight soared over 300 per cent in 2021 as airlines reduced their cargo capacity.

"Air freight rates have stabilised, although there's still space constraints, as not all airlines have resumed full operations," said Mr Ahmad.

"The shortage of air cargo space has prompted customers to use trucking services to transport their cargo to Singapore from KL International Airport."

Meanwhile, Pentamaster Corp chairman CB Chuah declared the group would ship out more by air in the second half of this year.

"We will deliver about 65 per cent of our semiconductor test equipment via air in the second half. We are shipping more than the first half of this year.

"The destinations we are shipping to include Europe, the United States and Japan," he said.

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Penang freight forwarders see rising air cargo volume
Penang freight forwarders see rising air cargo volume

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