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Steps for Shipping Internationally from China

Shipping Internationally from China is not as daunting as it may first appear. You do not necessarily have to be a multinational corporation or big business shipping hundreds of containers year from China to be able to gain convenient access to shipping internationally from China.

Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurs with businesses of all sizes are able to gain access to freight forwarding services in China which can help them store, pack, consolidate and ship goods internationally from China. One such China-based freight forwarder is CNXtrans.

How do you as an entrepreneur go about shipping internationally from China? Normally speaking, shipping time, shipping cost and security of products during the international shipment are the 3 biggest questions entrepreneurs have when shipping internationally from China to their destination country.

Unlike domestic shipping, international shipping is naturally more logistically complex, takes longer and costs more. There is also more uncertainty involved. At the same time, given the advancements of global logistics in today's world, the process can actually be quite seamless and straightforward, especially if you have an experienced shipping agent like CNXtrans to help you out.

Here are the basic steps and procedures for shipping internationally from China:

  1. Have your products sent from your suppliers in China to the freight forwarder's warehouse in China - get them to check the quality and quantity of your goods to ensure that they tally with your expectations

  2. Get your freight forwarder to repack your goods. Remove the unnessary packaging, merge all of your packages into one or fewer packages in order to minimize international shipping costs.

  3. The freight forwarder will then weigh and measure your packages to calculate the shipping cost and offer you all the shipping options available - such as shipping by air freight, sea freight, rail freight, door to door shipping (including customs clearance) and so on. Choosing a well connected freight forwarder in China like CNXtrans will ensure that you have the full range of shipping options available.

  4. Then comes the International Shipping itself. After you have made payment for the international shipping, your freight forwarder will have your goods shipped out internationally from China to your chosen destination. Depending on the shipping mode used, international shipping from China will typically come with online tracking via a shipment tracking number.

  5. Receipt of packages. Depending on the shipping mode you chose, you will typically receive your shipment anywhere between 4 days to about a month after the goods have been shipped out.

These are the general steps for shipping internationally from China to any country around the world. Take all the complexities and worries out of shipping internationally from China when you used a freight forwarder which specializes in catering to international customers looking to ship internationally from China like CNXtrans.

Need a China Shipping Agent to help you consolidate and ship internationally from China?

Steps for Shipping Internationally from China
Steps for Shipping Internationally from China


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