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Survey shows monitoring of shipping container movements still a struggle

A RECENT survey by Container xChange shows that sixty per cent of freight forwarders, NVOCCs and traders find it difficult to keep a track of pick-up and drop-off of containers, their location and the timestamps.

The results of the survey, on the lines of the launch of Container Control, a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind technology platform for freight forwarders and NVOCCs worldwide, bring to light the burning pain points of container logistic companies and how the product aims to solve them.

The findings also show that 57 per cent of freight forwarders point to 'Containers' as their biggest challenge in the coming peak season, and 43 per cent poll for 'lack of real-time visibility' as the second biggest challenge.

Clearly, the industry is faced with a grave challenge to optimize container operations and a lack of clear visibility into the real-time updates on where their containers are, according to a Container xChange statement .

With Container Control, freight forwarders can monitor each container's pick-up, port of discharge, estimated time of arrival, and drop-off. It also allows companies to have all their container bookings in one place and easily assign containers to them

"As the container logistic industry still grapples with unprecedented challenges, it becomes important that companies realize the power of digital adoption for tackling future uncertainties.

"Container Control is a sophisticated tool for freight forwarders and NVOCCs that gives visibility into a container's journey from pickup to drop off. What this means is that container journeys become transparent for a container user, so they can save time on manual repetitive tasks. Thus, they can operate more containers per month, grow the business or deliver better customer service."

"The idea is to automate the container management process for freight forwarders so they can focus less on manual operational work processes and more on expanding their business across geographies. We equip them with the data and processes that simplify their business. And for the industry, it solves the challenge of monitoring and managing containers all at one single sophisticated platform." said Dr Johannes Schlingmeier, cofounder and CEO, of Container xChange.

"From the moment the container is born, to its last journey, we want to digitalize every process and this product is a huge step in the right direction. By bringing all the parties online, Container Control will transform the way container logistic companies connect and do business." added Mr Schlingmeier.

One of the customers of Container xChange, Benny Huygen, commodities business development manager, Kuehne + Nagel Belgium said: "We are happy to see how Container xChange has made our job easier. It's a crucial part of my role to have an overview of the available containers, quickly match them to container bookings, and be on top of container movements from pick-up to drop-off."

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Survey shows monitoring of shipping container movements still a struggle
Survey shows monitoring of shipping container movements still a struggle


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