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Taobao rolls out platform designed for senior users

It features larger texts, simplified navigation, and voice-assisted technology.

Alibaba Group’s online marketplace, Taobao, has rolled out a new version of the shopping app designed to be more accessible for senior users, piloted ahead of China’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, according to a news release

Taobao’s “senior mode” features larger text and icons, simplified navigation and voice-assisted technology, which allows senior citizens to search for products using voice commands. The homepage also highlights games that have been popular among elderly users.

“In the future, we will explore new ways to make online shopping easier for seniors, such as functions that allow their children to help them browse and select products,” said Shao Xi, the project manager overseeing the new service.

In 2018, Alibaba launched the “Taobao for Elders” channel to make app navigation more accessible to seniors. It includes a peer-to-peer chat function allowing family and friends to share products and consult each other, as well as a “pay-for-me” option to pay for another’s purchases.

Within the Taobao app, senior users can find how-to guides and training programs for matters ranging from online shopping and payments to ride-hailing and booking online doctor’s appointments, as well as a dedicated customer service hotline.

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Taobao rolls out platform designed for senior users
Taobao rolls out platform designed for senior users


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