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What are the best Chinese online bookstores?

If you’re looking for collectors’ items, rare books or manuscripts where only one or a few copies are available and books from many years ago with lots of history but not really sold widely on a commercial basis, then without doubt the best online bookstore in China would be Kongfz (

For textbooks, novels and learning Chinese, the most popular online book stores in China would be followed by Amazon China, Taobao and JD. While Dandang is specialized in and gains its reputation mainly from selling books (amongst other items) , Amazon China, Taobao and JD basically sell anything under the sun.

Most of these websites do not allow payment via non-Chinese bank cards and also do not offer international shipping. This is where a service like CNXtrans comes in. CNXtrans will help you purchase from any website in China and ship internationally to your doorstep anywhere around the world. This gives you access to all the books being sold on Kongfz, Dangdang, Amazon China, Taobao and JD wherever you are in the world. Submit your order to CNXtrans via the CNXtrans Buy+Ship for You Service and CNXtrans will purchase the books for you and ship internationally to you wherever you are in the world.

Or, if you are able to buy directly, you can have your books (and other goods) sent to the CNXtrans warehouse and from there CNXtrans will ship internationally to your doorstep.

If you need to buy a whole range of books (and other products) from Kongfz or other Chinese websites, simply submit the full list of orders to CNXtrans either via the Buy-For-Me order page or buy sending an email to CNXtrans at including all the URLs of the books (and/or other products) you wish to buy. Do also let CNXtrans know which country you would like to ship to.

Visit the CNXtrans website now to learn more about purchasing and shipping internationally from China!


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