What are the best freight forwarders for shipping internationally from China?

It is crucial to find the best freight forwading and shipping fulfillment company for yourself or your company when shipping your goods internationally from China. Logistics is complex in China and you will find that different companies are able to ship different products at different rates. One company will tell you that it is unable to ship a particular product while the next one will tell you it can. It is up to you find a Chinese logistics shipping company that can handle all types of goods at the most economical rates for shipping internationally to your country. Finding a trusted, reliable and cost effective shipping partner and freight forwarder in China will help your business save costs significantly in the long run.

One such all-encompassing shipping company which can ship all types of products at economical rates is CNXtrans. CNXtrans is able to ship all types of products internationally from China to more than 200 countries by air, sea or rail. CNXtrans will offer you the most economical and cost effective shipping route depending on the size of your shipment, the type of goods being shipped and the country being shipped to.

Furthermore, unlike other Chinese logistics companies, CNXtrans offers international customers free storage, repacking and consolidation services at the CNXtrans warehouse in China.

This means that international customers like you can take their time to make all the orders they need to make and have all their goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse for international shipping. CNXtrans will store all your goods for you at no charge until everything has arrived and you’re ready to ship. This makes CNXtrans the most cost effective China-based logistics and shipping provider for businesses purchasing and shipping internationally from China.

Visit CNXtrans Logistics: China Import Export Global Shipping Service for more details or contact CNXtrans by email via contact@cnxtrans.com for more details.


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CNXtrans is your logistics gateway for purchasing and shipping internationally from China. Use CNXtrans to ship from China in bulk via air, sea or rail. Have all your goods sent to the CNX warehouse in China and CNXtrans will store, consolidate and ship your goods internationally for you. We offer free storage, repacking and consolidation services at our warehouse.  We also offering purchasing services (Buy-For-Me) from websites like Taobao, Tmall, 1688.com, JD.com, Dangdang, Amazon.cn and Kongfz.comCNXtrans is a comprehensive all-in-one logistical solution, freight forwarder and international shipping agent for exporting from China and shipping internationally door-to-door or door-to port to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

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