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Why does it take so long to ship packages from China to the U.S.?

How long shipping takes generally depends on how much you pay for shipping. The faster the shipping route, the more it normally costs. It’ll certainly be nice to have cheap shipping that is also very fast but unfortunately the economics and costs of getting goods delivered to door on a cross border basis do not make this possible at this moment in time. Perhaps this would be possible in future once technology advances further and we start using drones for delivery. More automation will help to cut down on the delivery costs.

If you’re buying from sites like AliExpress, obviously one of the big draws about AliExpress is how cheap the products are. Therefore people who shop from AliExpress are normally quite price-sensitive and are hunting for bargains. Given that is the case, it would therefore be very difficult to offer express air courier shipping for such products because air courier express shipping will often easily come up to costing significantly more than the product itself. AliExpress does in fact offer the option to choose air courier express shipping for many of its products, but rarely do customers choose them as the shipping costs are too high. Since customers often want cheap shipping, they will then have to compromise on shipping times - one can’t have it both ways.

Therefore for cheap shipping from China to the US, one of two things usually happens - if it’s a large shipment, it’s done by sea. If it’s an air shipment, the shipper is normally consolidating your goods with a whole load of other goods from customers and shipping everything together once there’s enough of a load. This means that the shipper is often waiting a couple of weeks to fill up that load and then ship everything together - this way the shipper can offer much lower consolidated shipping rates. This is also why Aliexpress shipments from China tend to take so long. They have lots of consolidation to do in order to be able to ship at that price for you.

If you’re willing to pay for air courier express shipping to USA via the likes of DHL or FedEx however, the shipment can often been delivered to door in anywhere between 3–5 days, assuming no issues at customs. For urgent shipments where speed rather than cost is the top priority, express air courier shipping is normally used.

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Why does it take so long to ship packages from China to the U.S.?
Shipping packages from China to the US via CNXtrans


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