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Sea Shipping from China via CNXtrans - C

CNXtrans offers Sea Shipping from China to Any Country Worldwide

Have your goods sent to the CNXtrans warehouse in China and we'll ship from China together for you by Sea

Why Sea Shipping is the preferred shipping mode for businesses importing worldwide from China

Sea Shipping from China - CNXtrans

While air shipping may be faster, sea shipping is by far the preferred mode of shipping for businesses shipping internationally from China. This is because businesses shipping from china are usually shipping in bulk whereby it is very costly to ship by air. Shipping by sea from China therefore makes sense especially for businesses which are working on tight profit margins. When shipping by sea from China, the per unit shipping costs are much lower than when shipping by air. 

Sea Shipping from China does not take as long as most who have not tried it may think

Many individuals and businesses who have not tried sea shipping from China assume that it takes a very long time and that they cannot wait that long. This is not actually the case. In many cases, depending on which country you are shipping to, it can take a month or sometimes even less than a month. This is often faster than shipping by post, where shipping can often take 2 months or more. Sea shipments to USA, Canada and most of Europe normally take up to a month while sea shipments to Asia-Pacific including Australia and New Zealand can often take between 20-25 days.


This is usually worth the significant cost savings you will enjoy from shipping by sea as opposed to air - all it requires is a little advance planning and purchasing in China so as to ensure you receive your goods on time. For example, if you have an online store with inventory at an Amazon FBA warehouse or any other fulfillment warehouse, you generally have a rough idea on when your inventory is likely to run out. Therefore, make your purchases from China 1-2 months in advance of your inventory running out and have them shipped by sea to enjoy significant cost savings on shipping. 

Don't have a customs broker or import license in the country you'll be importing to?

Let CNXtrans handle it for you

CNXtrans can manage customs clearance for you when shipping from China to your country by sea

Importing large shipments is different from importing small shipments. For importing large volumes of goods into your country (or your destination country), you will normally either need an import license (via your registered company) or a customs broker.


The great thing about sea shipping from China via CNXtrans is that we work with customs brokers in major countries around the world to manage customs clearance for you so you don't have to go through the hassle yourself. For sea shipments to countries like the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania (and the rest of the EU), Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Mexico, CNXtrans can handle the customs clearance for you. We'll also deliver all the way to your doorstep for you. 

For sea shipping from China to the above countries, CNXtrans can ship all the way to door inclusive of not only customs clearance but customs duties as well (with the exceptions of Australia, New Zealand & Singapore where local customs regulations mean that we will not be able to include customs duties in the shipment)

Ship to Port or Ship to Door

Shipping from China by Sea on a Door to Door basis

For sea shipments to countries like the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania (and the rest of the EU), Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Mexico, CNXtrans gives you the option to ship to port or ship all the way to door (full door to door service), although for these countries, we generally strongly recommend shipping to door since it will save you the hassle of customs clearance and also the uncertainty of chalking up high port fees, unloading fees & agency fees once your shipment has arrived at the destination port.


However, if you have experience with shipping to port and have an import license or have an established relationship with a customs broker in your country that can manage the customs clearance for you, we can also give you the option of shipping to port. If not, we generally recommend shipping to door because there are no hidden costs and you have the peace of mind of knowing that the entire shipping process will be handled for you on a door to door basis. 

If you're shipping to a country that is not mentioned above, then it is possible that CNXtrans will only be able to ship to port for you as we do not yet have established relationships with customs brokers and local delivery companies in your area. You can email us at to check if door to door shipping is possible when sea shipping from China to your destination country. 

Sea Shipping Volumes from China keep growing each year

Growing Sea Freight Volume from China each year - CNXtrans

Sea freight shipping volumes* from China have been growing steadily each year since the start of the century. Since Guangdong is the logistics and exporting hub of China, Shenzhen ports (Yantian, Shekou, Chiwan) and Guangzhou Ports (Huangpu, Nansha & Lianhuashan) have been rapidly expanding in capacity in order to handle the expanding freight volumes. The CNXtrans warehouse in China is strategically located in the heart of this logistics and exporting hub with easy access to ports in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and even Hong Kong - which port we use will depend on where you are shipping to and the specs of your shipment. We will always choose the most efficient and cost-effective sea shipping route from China for you. 

*Data is from Statista (

Sea Shipping Carrier Partners

CNXtrans works with the following major sea shipping carrier partners to have your goods shipped worldwide from China to your destination country

Carrier Partners for Sea Shipping from China - CNXtrans

We can also ship by sea to Amazon FBA warehouses around the globe

Sea Shipping from China to Amazon Warehouses around the world - CNXtrans

Shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses around the world but also want to enjoy the shipping cost savings that come with sea shipping from China? CNXtrans also has special approved sea shipping routes to Amazon FBA warehouses around the globe that come inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery to door. While Amazon FBA warehouses will let you use their address for the shipment, they will not pay any customs duties on your behalf and therefore you will need to use a shipper like CNXtrans which has access to sea shipping routes to Amazon FBA warehouses around the globe that take care of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery all the way to the Amazon FBA warehouses for you. 

The CNXtrans China warehouse is strategically located in the manufacturing & logistics hub of China in Shenzhen, Guangdong (nearby to Hong Kong)

Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Map.png

Why the CNXtrans China Warehouse location is ideal for customers looking to ship internationally from China

Located in the premier manufacturing and logistics hub of China with special access to the widest range of shipping routes from both Mainland China & Hong Kong

Guangdong is the ideal part of China for your China warehouse to be because Guangdong is the premier manufacturing hub of China and Shenzhen is right in the center of it, in close proximity to many of the factories, manufacturers & suppliers you will be buying from. In any case, domestic shipping in China is very low cost and even if your suppliers are located outside of Guangdong province, they can still send their goods to our warehouse in China using very low cost domestic shipping options like '物流' - you can put your suppliers in touch with us and we will liaise with them over having your goods sent over to our warehouse in Shenzhen, Guangdong. 

Furthermore, Bao-An district of Shenzhen where our warehouse is located is also the logistical hub of China with access to the widest range of shipping channels and routes from China at the lowest rates, maximizing your shipping options (air, sea & train) and minimizing your shipping costs when shipping internationally from China. 

On top of that, Shenzhen is also located just across the border from Hong Kong which means that when you ship from China through CNXtrans, you get access to both shipping routes from Mainland China and Hong Kong. For example, there are many instances whereby shipping by sea from the Port of Hong Kong will give you access to lower shipping rates than a Mainland Chinese port - with CNXtrans you also get easy access to shipping out from both Mainland Chinese ports and the Port of Hong Kong.

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