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Cargo Shipping from China

CNXtrans offers you a variety of specialized shipping options for large cargo shipments from China

When shipping large bulky goods like furniture, eBikes, recreational vehicles (RVs), large machinery etc., many importers will typically ship on an LCL (Less Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load) basis. This can however be tricky for inexperienced or first time importers who are unfamiliar with customs clearance and/or do not have an import license. Shipping on an LCL/FCL basis also requires you to hire your own customs broker and deal with the uncertainty of not knowing how much the destination port charges will be at the point of shipment. Shipping on an LCL or FCL basis may come with many paperwork requirements and hidden charges. 

The Alternative? Shipping on a DDP Basis 

Ship on a DDP basis either to a CNXtrans Partner Warehouse in your destination country or all the way to your destination address

Ship from China to Door or to our Partner Warehouse in California on a DDP basis

CNXtrans offers a ready-made solution for customers looking to ship large bulky cargo shipments from China. CNXtrans has access to cargo shipping channels from China that come inclusive of customs clearance, customs duties and delivery either to a warehouse located nearby any major port in your destination country, or all the way to your final address.

For example, when shipping large bulky cargo from China to USA, CNXtrans can either ship to our partner warehouse located in California or all the way to your address in USA, depending on your needs.

The advantage in shipping to our partner warehouse in California is that since it is located near the major ports in California, there will not be any extra charges for delivering oversized or overweight cartons, keep your shipping costs relatively low even for large bulky cargo shipments from China.  Conversely, if you ship to door, the likes of FedEx and UPS (which typically handle the last mile shipping in a door to door shipment) will charge more for delivering oversized and/or overweight cartons. 

You can then either collect the goods collected from our partner warehouse in California or arrange to have your agent in the US collect them for you. This example is for shipping to the US but the same concept applies to shipping to other major countries as well. 

Benefits of Shipping Bulk Cargo from China on a DDP Basis

When you ship on a DDP basis, all costs are included and paid for upfront including customs clearance service, customs duties and delivery to the partner warehouse/your final destination address. This saves you from the uncertainty of worrying about how much the destination port fees and customs duties will be, as would be in the case in an LCL/FCL shipment. For very high value goods, shipping on a DDP basis will result in significantly lower costs than shipping on an LCL/FCL basis because customs duties are included. It also saves you from the hassle of having to hire a customs broker in your destination country. The entire shipment will be handled for you without you having to hire any external parties. 

Furthermore, when you ship on a DDP basis, wou will not need to hire your own customs broker or handle any complex paperwork yourself. You will not need an import license or special customs clearance capabilities - you can even use our DDP shipping channels if you are shipping as an individual or sole proprietor. 


For which countries does CNXtrans offer DDP Shipping to?

Countries that CNXtrans offers DDP shipping to include USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore (customs duties not included), Indonesia, UAE, South Africa and most EU countries. 

The CNXtrans China warehouse is strategically located in the manufacturing & logistics hub of China in Shenzhen, Guangdong (nearby to Hong Kong)

Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Map.png

Why the CNXtrans China Warehouse location is ideal for customers looking to ship internationally from China

Located in the premier manufacturing and logistics hub of China with special access to the widest range of shipping routes from both Mainland China & Hong Kong

Guangdong is the ideal part of China for your China warehouse to be because Guangdong is the premier manufacturing hub of China and Shenzhen is right in the center of it, in close proximity to many of the factories, manufacturers & suppliers you will be buying from. In any case, domestic shipping in China is very low cost and even if your suppliers are located outside of Guangdong province, they can still send their goods to our warehouse in China using very low cost domestic shipping options like '物流' - you can put your suppliers in touch with us and we will liaise with them over having your goods sent over to our warehouse in Shenzhen, Guangdong. 

Furthermore, Bao-An district of Shenzhen where our warehouse is located is also the logistical hub of China with access to the widest range of shipping channels and routes from China at the lowest rates, maximizing your shipping options (air, sea & train) and minimizing your shipping costs when shipping internationally from China. 

On top of that, Shenzhen is also located just across the border from Hong Kong which means that when you ship from China through CNXtrans, you get access to both shipping routes from Mainland China and Hong Kong. For example, there are many instances whereby shipping by sea from the Port of Hong Kong will give you access to lower shipping rates than a Mainland Chinese port - with CNXtrans you also get easy access to shipping out from both Mainland Chinese ports and the Port of Hong Kong.

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