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Shipping Clothing Internationally from China

Shipping Clothing Internationally from China

Give our China Warehouse Address to your suppliers in China for them to send your goods to for International Shipping

About Buying Clothing from China

"If you are starting your own clothing line, or you run a retail clothing store; one issue you would have to deal with is sourcing of clothing materials in wholesale (either ready-made or raw clothing). A good way to solve this problem is to import cheap clothes from China. Well, this article will teach you everything you need to know.

To start with, let’s talk about the ridiculously cheap designer items you find on Chinese websites. It would do you a lot of good to avoid buying designer items at outrageously cheap rates from China because more often than not, they would be fake products. If you expect to buy an original polo shirt for $5 in China, the best you can get is a replica or a downright fake item. So, if you are looking for cheap original designer clothing, China is not the place to look. "

However, you can get a lot of unique clothing items with good quality in China. China is the number one go-to place for cheap wholesale clothing because of its low production costs. Most designers and wholesalers source their products from China and you can make a whole lot of money from importing wholesale clothing from China. Here is a guideline for importing wholesale clothing from China-:

11 Easy Steps to Import Cheap Clothes from China in Wholesale:

1. Find out importation rules and regulations in your country
First, you need to know what the law says about importation of clothes in your country. Some countries generally prohibit importation of clothing items and doing so may lead to confiscation of your goods by customs officers.

2. Find out Duties and Taxes
Next, you should get a grip on the custom duties and importation taxes that you would have to pay on your goods when you want to clear them.

3. Obtain import licenses and permit
You should also find out what licenses and permits you would need to obtain to enable you import clothes from China.

4. Search for a supplier
A good place to search a wholesale supplier is There, you would find a lot of wholesalers but you have to exercise caution and conduct an extensive research and investigation before committing to a supplier because there are lots of fake suppliers there.

You should also ensure that you use the buyer protection features on to protect yourself from scammers and shady suppliers. You can also make use of online directories like the white pages to search for a supplier.

5. Why not visit China if you have the resources?
The truth is that the internet is not sufficient when searching for a supplier for the first time. Nothing can compare to meeting with different suppliers, sampling the quality of their products and physical negotiation. This would save you a lot of time and resources.

6. Find out prices and minimum order quantity
You should do an extensive research to find out the different prices that each seller offers. Prices in China vary and you would be surprised to find out that a product that sells for $20 in one place may go for as low as $5 in another place. But you have to exercise care, so that you don’t end up with bad quality products. Another thing is to look out for the minimum order quantity of each supplier to be sure that you can afford it.

7. Consider dropshipping options
Dropshipping helps you save a lot of overhead costs such as storage, shipping, sorting and even employee costs. When you use drop shipping services, you would only have to worry about marketing and advertising your products and once you have an order, the supplier would ship the products directly to the buyer.

8. Buy from different suppliers
As a first timer, it is not wise to commit to only one supplier. You may want to spread out your money so that you can buy from 2-3 suppliers and when you are satisfied with a supplier’s product, you can commit to him.

9. Purchase samples
Before you go ahead to buy from a supplier, it would be wise to ask for samples so that you can weigh the quality of their products. Chinese sizes are usually smaller than uk and US sizes and sometimes clothing items bought from China are not true to size.

Also, it is difficult to judge a cloth by looking at photos. Sometimes, what is presented in the photos would be totally different from the actual product. To avoid this, it would be wiser to get samples from the supplier before going ahead to buy in wholesale quantity.

10. Use free shipping
Some suppliers offer free shipping options while some do not. It would be wiser and helpful to choose a supplier that offers free shipping so that you can cut costs.

11. Develop a personal relationship with your supplier
The best thing you can do for your Chinese importation business is to develop a personal relationship with your suppliers.

Are you looking forward to buying wholesale clothing from China? China is the world's factory with top manufacturing output. For people who want to make a bulk purchase from China while not heading to it, this blog is helpful to solve the problem of how to buy clothes wholesale from China. Clothing wholesale is one of the most profitable markets, and importing wholesale clothing from China can help reduce your investment costs. So come to purchase wholesale clothing from China to boost your business!
Why You Should Buy Clothes Wholesale from China?
We have some perfect reasons why you should buy your wholesale clothing from a Chinese manufacturer. Shopping in China, you can enjoy a big marketplace of Asian fashion wholesale, which is a great way for you to buy clothes wholesale for your business.
Buying clothes wholesale from China is a good way of saving money. Because of the low cost of labor, the production of wholesale clothing in China is cheaper than the developed countries. Chinese products are known everywhere because of their good quality and rock-bottom prices. If you are looking for the best destination to wholesale clothing at an affordable price, it can be assured that you can get quality products at this price.
You should buy clothes wholesale from China, not only because it's cheaper, but also because it's more cost-effective, commercial barriers are reduced, and information flows better in China.
Startup firms with limited funds also face a variety of obstacles when looking to import from China, including high MOQs and lengthy lead times. Instead of going through all those hassles, why not check out a wholesaler and bypass the factory altogether? It allows you to mix and match whatever products you desire without having to worry about MOQs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Buy Wholesale Clothing From China?
You should buy wholesale clothing from China because clothing from China is cheaper due to comparably low labor costs, reduced commercial barriers, and better information flow. In 2015, approximately 31 billion units of apparel were produced in China

How Can You Order Clothes From China?
To order clothes from China, you would need to visit the following websites to place your order;

How Do I Get Suppliers From China?
The easiest and most cost-effective place to start a search for suppliers in China is on the Internet via search engines such as Bing or Google, and B2B sourcing platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, and

Why Wholesale Clothing From China?
One of the reasons companies manufacture their products in China is because of the abundance of lower-wage workers available in the country.

Where Can You Find Suppliers Of Clothing From China, At Wholesale Price?
There are several cities in China that you can find supplies of clothing from China at wholesale price. But it is important to note that clothing wholesale suppliers and manufacturers are mostly in the Zhejiang province of China.

What Is A Way To Get A Ladies Bag Manufacturer In China?
You can contact any agent in China, they will get it manufactured for you.

Why Buy Wholesale Chinese Clothing Online?
You should buy wholesale Chinese clothing online because China is home to a highly skilled, highly specialized garment industry.

Can You Recommend Some China Fashion Wholesale Markets To Visit?
Here are some China fashion wholesale markets to visit;

Yaosheng Clothing Wholesale Market
Shahe clothing wholesale market in the third breakout
Xindadi Fashion Plaza
Shadong No.2 Ready-Made Clothes Wholesale Market
Shanghai Kaixuancheng Clothing And Accessories Wholesale Market
Fuli Wholesale Market Of Foreign Clothing Trade
Wanjia Costume Wholesale Square
Dongding clothing wholesale market
Liuhua Fur & Fashion Market
Fuzhongfu Costume Wholesale Market
Where To Buy Or Tailor Make A Qipao In Beijing?
Here are the places you can buy or tailor-make a Qipao in Beijing;

Hanyi Cheongsam Store
2002 Marine Cheongsam Store
Shanghai Bund Cheongsam Store
Gold Branch Jade Leaf Cheongsam Store
Manlanlou Cheongsam Store
Ligulong Cheongsam Store
Dragon and Phoenix Cheongsam Store’, i.e. Longfeng Qipao
Hongxiang Cheongsam Store
Xinni Qipao
Huayi Qipao Shop
Heping Qipao Shop
Where Can You Find Wholesale Women Gym Clothing In China?
You can find a lot of them in the Zhejiang province.

What Is The Best Site To Buy Wholesale Clothing From China?
Chinabrands is the most recognized supplier of cheap clothes from China. It is also the biggest global online wholesale supplier of all categories of products. As earlier stated, it is among the few that will offer free shipping to its customers without any condition. Another unique feature only found with Chinabrands is the dropshipping services it offers to its online wholesale buyers.

Which Chinese Websites Offer Replica Designer Clothing?
Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale websites that sell replica clothing from China. On this site, you can find many popular luxury clothes, handbags, shoes, and more. Alibaba also is the most popular marketplace for varieties of products online, and it offers quality and cheap football shirt replicas wholesale.

Where Can I Get Wholesale Replica Designer Clothing and Free Shipping From China?
If you need a reliable Chinese replica designer clothes wholesaler while enjoying free shipping at the same time, then Rosegal is an ideal option. At, you can make bulk purchases of the latest wholesale clothes and fashion style wholesale clothes from China at affordable prices.

One of the most interesting things about Rosegal is that they offer free shipping on select products.

Where Can I Get Cheap and Trendy Wholesale Clothing
If you are looking for cheap and trendy wholesale clothing, SAMMYDRESS is the best choice for you. This is a global online Chinese clothing website with a wide category of clothing apparel and accessories.

They have very dedicated quality control and quality assurance team to help limit product returns which should be done in a 30 day period. Their orders are delivered within 3-5 working days.
Where Do Boutiques Buy Their Clothes From?
Generally, most boutique owners buy boutique clothing from wholesale suppliers that offer a competitive price, various styles, and high-quality clothing. But they will also go to the trade show and grab the opportunity to buy clothes at cheaper prices.

How Can You Find The Best Clothing Website To Buy Cheap Clothes From China?
Here are tips for finding the best clothing website to buy cheap clothes from China;

The internet is full of clothing websites pretending to wholesale cheap Chinese clothes. As you research, it is advisable to also see the most rated website and those that are easy to navigate through. Some have the best customer reviews like Chinabrands which is the only best method of ascertaining the credibility of the wholesaler.

Wholesale clothes companies have newsletters that are published on a monthly basis. These newsletters and magazines never lie. You can visit their various websites and subscribe to the newsletters. What is published here is what you will get.

You can visit them in person either during trade shows or exhibitions and take some interviews with them and this will provide true information. Ask their prices and compare them.

Give our China Warehouse Address to your suppliers in China for them to send your goods to for International Shipping

Shipping Clothing Internationally from China

Shipping Clothing Internationally from China

When buying clothing from China, manufacturers, factories and suppliers will generally ask you for a shipping agent like CNXtrans to help you with handling the international shipping from China.

They can then have your clothing sent to your shipping agent’s warehouse in China where they will store, consolidate and handle the international shipping for you.

How CNXtrans can help you with shipping clothing internationally from China

When shipping clothing internationally from China, there are 3 shipping modes that CNXtrans can use to ship for you.

Shipping by Air: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your clothing internationally from China by air. Air shipping is generally the fastest mode of shipping. Air courier shipments will be shipped all the way to your address. Depending on which country you are shipping to, air courier shipping generally takes only about 4-6 days. Another alternative is to ship by air freight. Air freight shipments can either shipped to an airport near you or all the way to your address. Air freight shipments can generally take about 8-12 days.

Shipping by Sea: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your clothing internationally from China by sea freight. Sea freight shipment is the most cost effective shipping mode for large shipments. For many countries, sea freight shipments can either by shipped to port or all the way to your address (door to door). When shipping a large volume of clothing internationally from China, sea freight would be the best shipping mode to use in most cases.

Shipping by Train: CNXtrans can help you with shipping your clothing internationally from China by train (rail freight). When shipping to EU countries, rail freight is one of the most cost effective shipping modes for large shipments. For shipping by rail freight to EU countries, CNXtrans can ship all the way to your address in Europe (full door to door shipping). When shipping a large volume of clothing internationally from China, rail freight would be one of the best shipping modes to use.

Give our China Warehouse Address to your suppliers in China for them to send your goods to for International Shipping

Shipping Clothing Internationally from China
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