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 Welcome to CNXtrans. China has the largest & fastest growing consumer market in the world, but we understand that getting your products imported into China can be challenging due to customs restrictions in China and a lack of shipping options to China. This is where we can help.


CNXtrans is your gateway for importing to China. We help with both Shipping to China + Customs Clearance

Service options include 1. International shipping to China by air, sea or rail 2. Customs broking in China for all types of goods 3. Domestic delivery from port to door in China 4. Warehousing in China & around the world 5. Land transport of goods from Hong Kong to Mainland China. Contact us at for more details. 

How CNXtrans helps you Import to China


Typically when shipping to China, the limit per shipment for each individual is just 1000 RMB (< US$150) of goods per shipment. Shipping to China through CNXtrans enables your business to bypass these limits and import in much larger volumes


Whichever country your goods are located in, we can handle the international shipping to China for you. In cooperation with our logistics partners all over the world, we even offer warehousing services in the country in which your goods are based for you to store & consolidate your goods before shipping to China. Contact us for more details.


Depending on the weight and size/volume of your shipment, we can offer both air sea or rail freight to China. Let us know the weight (kg) and dimensions (length, width & height in centimeters) and what goods you will be shipping and we'll let you know the most cost-effective way to ship to China.



We offer customs broking and customs clearance services for imports into China. We will work with you to prepare the necessary documentation to have your products cleared for importing into China. Even if you don't need us to handle the international shipping, you can still use our customs broking service when importing into China. 


We offer door-to door, door-to-port, port to door or port to port DDP shipping options from anywhere around the world to China. Or, if you're shipping to a port in China without our help and only need us to handle customs broking and domestic shipping to door, we can help you out as well. Contact us for more details. 


Many imports to Mainland China are also done via Hong Kong. This is firstly due to the fact that both foreign and local goods from Hong Kong are perceived as being of higher quality and is secondly due to the fact that importing to Hong Kong is completely duty-free. Therefore many businesses importing to China have their goods shipped to Hong Kong first and transport them to Mainland China from there. Contact us for more details. 


With multiple warehouses throughout China and all over the world via our global warehousing partners, we offer you warehousing, inventory storage, repacking, labelling, consolidating palleting and fumigation services all over world depending on your specific logistical needs when importing in bulk to China. 

SHIP + IMPORT to China in bulk from any country

  • Shipping service from ANY country worldwide to China by Air or Sea

  • Door to Door shipping service to any location in China

  • Customs Broking & customs clearance service in China or import to China via Hong Kong

  • Import any product to China including automobiles, furniture, alcohol, food, cosmetics etc. 

Import All Types of Goods into China 

We enable you to import to China and clear customs for all types of goods including but not limited to food, drinks, alcohol, automobiles, machinery, cosmetics, chemicals, branded goods and so on. We work with you to prepare the necessary documentation for customs clearance purposes. 

Customs Broking Service for All Types of Goods

Food & Beverage


Wine, Liquor, Beer, Cider etc. 




Branded Goods

Agricultural Equipment

Service Options
  • International Shipping to China by air sea, or rail

  • Import Customs Broking in China

  • Importing to China via Hong Kong

  • Domestic Delivery to Door in China

  • Warehousing in China & around the world

Option to Import to China via Hong Kong

Depending on the nature of your shipment to China, it can often be more cost-effective and less of a hassle to import to Mainland China via Hong Kong. What this means is that we will ship the goods to Hong Kong first then send them into mainland China from Hong Kong.


Often it can be easier to get products into China via this route and it is inclusive of customs clearance service in Mainland China. As you may be aware, all imports to Hong Kong are duty-free, making it an ideal location to have your goods sent to before importing to mainland China. Sending directly to mainland China instead can often involve more customs paperwork and hassle. 

Whether importing to China via Hong Kong makes sense for you will depend on the nature of your shipment such as the type of goods being shipped (do provide us with the HS Code when inquiring), value of goods, weight and volume of your shipment, whether the recipient (consignee) has an import license etc. Contact us at with the above information to inquire if shipping via the Hong Kong route is a suitable option for your business.

Warehousing Solutions in China & All Over the World

With warehousing partners all over the world, we offer you a comprehensive global warehousing solution when importing to China

Ship to China from more than 200 countries worldwide

Import to China in Bulk

CNXtrans is your gateway to entering China

Importing to China in Bulk for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

Air Courier Logistics Partners

Sea Freight Logistics Partners

About CNXtrans (Import Division)

CNXtrans is a China-based all-in-one comprenhensive import facilitation service to China offering logistical, shipping and customs broking solutions to international customers all over the world. We offer door-to-door international shipping from more than 200 countries worldwide to China via air, land or sea, inclusive of customs clearance services via any port in China. We also offer a stand-alone customs broking service for customers who are using their own shippers and need help clearing customs in China. We enable customers to import all types of goods to China in bulk, including food and beverage, alcohol, machinery (including dangerous machinery), furniture (including wooden furniture), automobiles, pet food, cosmetics, branded goods, agricultural equipment along with all types of electronics products etc. Whatever product you wish to import into China, feel free to contact us to handle the international shipping and customs clearance in China.

Get a Quote for Importing to China

Let us know your shipping and/or customs broking requirements and we'll quote you accordingly

CNXtrans is your gateway to importing to China. Use CNXtrans to ship to China in bulk from any country around the world via air, sea or rail. In addition to international shipping to China, we also offer customs brokering/clearance services for importing all types of goods into China, importing to Mainland China via Hong Kong and can also handle the last mile delivery to your doorstep (or your customer's doorstep) in China. CNXtrans is a comprehensive all-in-one logistical solution for importing into China offering global warehousing, storage, repackaging, labelling, shipping (door-to-door) and customs clearance in China from more than 200 countries worldwide. 

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Service Options
  • International Shipping to China by air sea, or rail

  • Import Customs Broking in China

  • Importing to China via Hong Kong

  • Domestic Delivery to Door in China

  • Warehousing in China & around the world

You can either send it to our partner warehouse in your country (and from there we'll handle the international shipping) or we can pickup the goods from you. Picking up would cost more, but if that's your preference, then please include the full address and postal code to pick up from.

If you need us to handle the international shipping and not just customs clearance in China, please provide the full address to ship to in China, preferably in Chinese (ask the intended recipient for it).

If there will be many packages involved, please provide the dimensions (Length*Width*Height) of each centimers (CM). 

Please ensure you enter your correct & valid email address as we will be replying to you via email.


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CNXtrans is your logistics gateway for purchasing and shipping internationally from China. Use CNXtrans to ship from China in bulk via air, sea or rail. Have all your goods sent to the CNX warehouse in China and CNXtrans will store, consolidate and ship your goods internationally for you. We offer free storage, repacking and consolidation services at our warehouse.  We also offering purchasing services (Buy-For-Me) from websites like Taobao, Tmall,,, Dangdang, and Kongfz.comCNXtrans is a comprehensive all-in-one logistical solution, freight forwarder and international shipping agent for exporting from China and shipping internationally door-to-door or door-to port to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

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