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Important Notice: Red Sea Disruptions and Extended Sea Freight Times to Europe and UK

At CNXtrans, we are committed to keeping our valued customers informed of any developments that might impact your shipments. This advisory is to address the current situation in the Red Sea, which is causing delays and rerouting for sea freight shipments traveling from China to Europe and the UK.

Geopolitical Landscape and The Houthi Rebels:

The Red Sea, a vital artery for global trade, has seen increased tensions due to the ongoing conflict between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.expand_more The Houthis, who control large parts of northern Yemen, have been accused of launching attacks on shipping vessels traversing the Red Sea. These attacks pose a significant security risk and have prompted several shipping lines to temporarily suspend operations in the region.

Impact on Sea Freight Shipments:

To ensure the safety of cargo and crew, many shipping companies have opted to reroute their vessels around Africa's southern tip, the Cape of Good Hope.expand_more While this detour avoids the Red Sea altogether, it also adds significant distance to the journey.

Extended Shipping Times:

The extended route via the Cape of Good Hope translates to longer lead times for your shipments.expand_more  Previously, door-to-door sea freight delivery from China to Europe and the UK typically took around 30-40 days.expand_more Due to the current re-routing, you can expect these shipments to take up to 50-55 days to reach their final destination.

Planning Ahead is Key:

We understand that these delays can disrupt your business operations. To mitigate the impact, CNXtrans strongly recommends that you:

  • Plan shipments well in advance. By factoring in the extended lead times, you can ensure your inventory remains stocked and avoid potential stockouts.

  • Communicate clearly with your customers. Inform them about the potential delays and adjust your delivery schedules accordingly.

  • Consider alternative shipping options. Depending on the urgency of your shipment, explore options like air freight, though it comes with a higher cost.

CNXtrans is Here to Help:

At CNXtrans, we are continuously monitoring the situation in the Red Sea and its impact on shipping routes. Our experienced team is here to provide you with expert advice and support as you navigate these logistical challenges.

  • We can offer you the most up-to-date information on shipping routes and transit times.

  • We can help you compare shipping options and find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

  • We will keep you informed of any developments that might affect your shipments.

Together, we can ensure your goods reach their European and UK destinations efficiently, even amidst these temporary disruptions.

For further inquiries or assistance with planning your shipments, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated representative at CNXtrans via

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Important Notice: Red Sea Disruptions and Extended Sea Freight Times to Europe and UK
Important Notice: Red Sea Disruptions and Extended Sea Freight Times to Europe and UK


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