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How many days does sea freight from China to Canada take?

For large bulk shipments from China to Canada, the best and most economical way to ship is by sea freight. The question many first time shippers for sea freight from China to Canada ask is: how long does shipping by sea freight from China to Canada take?

The time of when will your sea shipment will reach its destination (whether Canada or any other country) depends on your shipment size, season, and location. Moreover, the latest conditions of the market and twits in nature with many other occurrences may delay your shipment.

Another factor is whether you are using Port to Port or Door to Door sea freight procedure. In Port to Port, your shipment will reach from China to Canada will normally reach its destination in 26-35 days in FCL and LCL from the date of departure. On the other hand, Door to Door shipping will generally take 30-40 Days in FCL and 35-45 Days in LCL.

Not sure what FCL and LCL refer to? See below.


This term stands for Full Container Load. This procedure is used when your shipping goods fill an entire container. FCL is a very suitable procedure when your shipping volume is high. It will save both money and time.


This term stands for Less than Container Load. People use this procedure when their goods do not fill an entire container and will be shipped along with other boxes or pallets. LCL shipping method requires goods to be consolidated at the origin port and deconsolidated at the destination port. This is the reason why LCL shipments tend to take a little longer than FCL.

Note also that peak seasons for shipping from China to Canada (usually the December the February period) can result in port congestion and may result in shipments taking longer to be shipped out.

Another factor that can affect how long shipping by sea freight from China to Canada would take is which port you are shipping to or where your address is in Canada (in the case of door to door shipping). For example, shipping to the Port of Vancouver or addresses near Vancouver tend to take a shorter time than shipping to the Port of Toronto or addresses near Toronto.

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How many days does sea freight from China to Canada take?
How many days does sea freight from China to Canada take?


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